Neptune's Kingdom is the sea that surrounds the Enchanted Isles (KQGS). The isles include at least Kolyma (KQGS) (Eastern Kolyma (KQGS) and Western Kolyma (KQGS)) as well as Avalon (KQGS), and Tanalore (KQGS) (though the latter is apparently a southern region on same landmass as the Kingdom of Daventry (KQGS)).

Behind the scenesEdit

The Sea including the Enchanted Isles and other locations appear to be geographically much different than they appear in previous series, while its suggested that they exist to the far south which is reasonable for both Kolyma and Enchanted Isles based on released maps, Tanalore is a continent to the northwest of Daventry and not far south, whereas in this series it appears to be a lesser island within the chain. Avalon is less clear, but references to it in original series were limited to begin with.

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