Newberry Will was an old miser buried in Whately Cemetery before it was brought over from the Other World. He became the Miser Ghost.



Here lies Newberry Will, His life was finished 'cause he took ill, But none'll miss him, he should've been wiser, 'tis his own fault, for being' such a miser.

He haunted the Whateley Manor with rattling chains. Rosella calmed his spirit by returning his bag of gold coins. He was either related to the Whateley family or just haunting the mansion, or tied to the family in some way.

Behind the scenes Edit

Newberry Will suggests that his name is probably a nickname. Newberry is probably a reference to a town. There are Newbury in both England and Newberry in New England, and other US states.

While "Will" sounds like a first name. It's possible he might be one of the Coningsbys. Perhaps the son of Lord Coningsby, and the father of the Lost lover.

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