The information from this article is from the fan game King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.


Ni'Bor Si'Ma'Will was a genie that had been freed by his master Aladdin's 3rd wish. He no longer needed his lamp and went to places unknown. At some point his lamp ended up in the clutches of Angelina. Ni'bor left a message inside of his lamp warning that the shop keeper Angelina was evil.

Ni'Bor's lamp was inspired by the brass lamp in the official KQ2, however unlike in the original, the genie is not in KQ2 (AGDI).

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The name Ni'Bor Si'Ma'Will is an anagram of "Robin Williams", the comedian and actor known for playing the Genie in Disney's "Aladdin".

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