A list of things that are named King's Quest but have nothing to do with King's Quest.

Games & SoftwareEdit

King QuestEdit


King's Quest: The Dark ForestEdit

Kings Quest The Dark Forest is the first in a trilogy of interactive adventure game story book. You play Merek on his adventure. It has illustrations to encourage your imagination throughout the book. [1]

King's Quest CompleteEdit

A game made with RPGMaker. The story begin, in the smallest continent in Orbis Vitae, named Quadron. When the King of Quadron summoned Kent, a mercenary known for his brute force and dual-wielding. And Viola, Kent childhood friend and fellow mercenary. The King summoned them to tell an urgent news about what's happening. The nearby small island, is conquered by an evil descendant, King Gonzare. Well, of course they managed to defeat him, but that's just mark the beginning of their big journey! The neighbors, the other kingdoms in Quadron, is devastated, Arthur's Pupil and Lover-wannabe, Claire is taken captive for no reason. By who? Gonzare? NO! The Legatuses. The one that govern the main elements of nature. But why? That's why Kent and his party depart to the neighboring kingdoms. They found out that at Volcaic Kingdom one of the village, called Le Vix is devoured by fire! Raged! Chaotic! Who did that? The Fire Legatus, they decided to confront her. The Band managed to defeat the Fire legatus and bring her conscious back(?). The Fire legatus explained what happened. She said that her orb, the orb that used to tame fire element's core. To Be Continued...

PS: I'm too lazy to type the whole story Just play the game [2]

King's Quest: Catapult EmpireEdit


Dungeon Saga: The Dwarf King's QuestEdit


A King's QuestEdit


Satire Games inspired by King's QuestEdit

Stair QuestEdit

This game isn't named after King's Quest, but it is a satire of all the dangerous stairs found in the King's Quest games, it also has one or two references to King's Quest universe.

Peasant's QuestEdit

This is another satirical adventure game that pokes fun at King's Quest.


King's Quest by Tom McGowen (An Endless Quest Book #18, Dungeons and Dragons Adventure Book, June 1984)Edit

You must put to rest the spirit of the great King Silver Hair, but suddenly you find yourself in a raft in a river surrounded by giant frogs. What should you do?[6]

The map given to you by the dying stranger may lead to treasure, but not before you encounter many dreaded creatures. But you gave your word to fulfill your quest.

King's Quest by Paul McCusker(Adventures in Odyssey Fiction Series #6, 1994)Edit


"Sir Owwen cried out to Mark, 'An ambush! Quickly!' Even as he shouted, he grabbed the guard by the wrist, twisted it so that the sword dropped free, and scooped up the weapon." Mark Prescott is not in Odyssey anymore. The Imagination Station has propelled him back in time to the era of brave knights, great castles, an evil nobleman, and a good king. Now Mark finds himself in the middle of a quest for the kind to retrieve a precious ring. But first he has to survive the wicked Sir Cardoc's plan for him! And then he and the valiant Sir Owwen will have to find and do battle with the most dangerous creature in the realm. As Mark moves from adventure to adventure, he learns iimportant lessons about God's control over his life and how He uses even the most difficult experiences to accomplish His will.

The Kings Quest by Bob Sutton (2014)Edit

A tongue in cheek story set in 1201 AD about a fictional King of a fictional country who wants to go on a quest. His wife doesn't agree and insists he does repairs to their home which she calls a pile of stones. The church gets involved and we have various quests with various subjects to help organise the Kings Birthday Bash. This includes a dragon with very special abilities.[7]

A King's Quest by A.V. Wedhorn (2014)Edit

A Battlemage's motto is duty. How far will one go to fulfill that duty? What do you do when you are told your parents were brutally murdered by the ruler of your realm? How do you respond when you are told that you are the rightful ruler of that same realm. Is it your duty to avenge your parents and bring their murderers to justice? Or to act save your realm that is about to erupt into civil war. How should a newly robed battlemage respond if that duty suddenly names him king? When half a realm's Highlords and armies are against you and the other half thinks you are dead, how do you unite them and prove the truth to all? What if the Quest that could save the kingdoms has some of the gods of Tyrus also wanting to stop you to thwart an ancient prophecy from being fulfilled which foretells the ancient Elwyn masters returning and enslaving the world? How do you prove your heritage to everyone including the largest dragon on the planet who guards the home of the gods? These are only a few of the things that Damian Daverge faces on his quest to become king. Filled with deceit and betrayal at all levels, A King's Quest is the beginning of an epic adventure that will keep you turning pages to the end and wanting more when it is over.[8]

The King's Quest by Andrew HansenEdit


Peter is a young man with no future other than working his little farm. Then one day his cousin brings him the news that his grandfather is dying. Suddenly everything changes. His grandfather holds the secret that will break the Dark Prince’s iron grasp of their valley. That secret is held in ten golden puzzle pieces which, once found and put together, will enable the King to return. With his grandfather dead, Peter is the only one who has a chance of completing the puzzle in time. He begins at once on the quest, but soon realizes that the Dark Prince will do anything in his power to stop him.

King's Quest: A History of a Virginia FamilyEdit


The King's Quest Paperback (January, 1995 )Edit

by Melvin Flitler (Author), Herb Drill (Author), Lynora Underwood (Illustrator), Lynne Raff (Illustrator) [10]


Cadiz, the Atlantean King of a colony in Iberia falls in love with Otonia, the daughter of King Erechtheus of Athens. But Erechtheus has secretly promised Otonia to Butes, a cousin and archon of religion. Not paying attention to the quest of Jason which just ended Erechtheus sends Cadiz on a quest to spy on the ultra-paranoid Assyrians and their new weapons: the war chariot and the composite bow. Cadiz, with Hercules and friends in tow journeys to Asia. Meeting King Shalmaneser means his death but how else will Cadiz learn of these new and possibly revolutionary weapons? Will Cadiz make it back to Thrace, where his cousin is king, when the Athenians attack? PS: The novel (approx. 86.000 words) is followed by Notes to the Reader II (6,650 words) then short essays in the Afterword (9,200 words) of which there are four. The Notes to the Reader II explain aspects of historicity such as the tobacco and cocaine found the mummies of the New Kingdom of Egypt…or the southwestern European DNA found in Native Americans introduced 3,000 years ago from a study by an international team of geneticists. [11]

Robin Hood: King's QuestEdit

The powerful Council of Nobles are humbled by an enigmatic cloaked figure. A unique felled tree, deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest, holds the secret to a revolutionary bow.

The Sheriff of Nottingham aims to cleverly meld those two events into one dramatic vision: to be finally rid of Robin Hood and his band of irritating outlaws. And he is more than willingly assisted by the menacing, and Robin's rival for the affections of Marion, Sir Guy of Gisbourne...[12]

Royal Bounty - Or, Evening Thoughts for the King's QuestsEdit

Frances Ridley Havergal[13]

King's Quest ComicsEdit

King's Quest by Christopher HeathEdit

When Salient Nord ascended to the throne, he inherited a kingdom at peace. With a faithful, loving queen by his side and a full treasury, Salient ruled as a benevolent and generous king, who was loved by the Nords.

There was one concern that distracted King Salient and drew come glances from the Nords otherwise friendly neighbours. The absence of an heir threatened to destabilise the region. Numerous, discrete physicians and healers visited and departed with no explanation found. Years passed and King Salient accepted, if no orthodox solution worked, it was time to try the unorthodox.

On the southern border of the country, rumours told tales of a wizard who could grant any wish. For decades pilgrims had sought the wizard's aid and of the thousands who undertook the task of speaking with the wizard, few ever returned. The few who were successful fed the legend but they cautioned seeking the wizard's tower. The tower could be found easily but for almost all, nothing waited there but death.

It was dawn when Salient Nord saddled his horse and rode out of his castle heading south. With no word to those who would discourage him, the king set out alone.

King's Quest: The Last Loyal AmericanEdit

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