The Northwestern region (aka the Northwest) is the region of the Kingdom of Daventry (KQGS) where most of new series takes place. It lies in the land of Western Daventry (KQGS).


The Northwestern region of Daventry lies Northwest of Castle Daventry, and is the location of Daventry Town Square, Pumpkin Patch, King's Glen, Spooky Forests, Forest Overlook, Pillare Bridge, Fantastical Floating Island, Tournament Theater, Bridge Trolls, Daventry Bridge Troll Guild, Pillare Hill, Frog Lake, Forest Well, Bed Caves (Dragon's Lair), Back Road, Birch Run, Wolf Tunnel, Goblin Holes, Goblin Rocks, and Goblin Caves.

Behind the scenesEdit

In classic KQ material is region known as Northwest Daventry (or Northwest Area), but it is unrelated.

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