Notes are small messages written on paper. Both Graham and Rosella have found notes during their adventures.



King Graham found a note in a witch's cottage in Daventry. It helped him guess a gnome's name by telling him to think backwards. It was written in a familiar language.

When Graham explored the Gingerbread House, he had come to the conclusion that he had discovered the witch's house, Dahlia's home and thought the Chest of Gold might be inside. If, not he was convinced a clue would be found, or some knowledge would be discovered that would aid him in his quest. Graham searched the house, all he could find in the witch's bedroom was a brief note on an empty bed table. The note read simply, "Sometimes it is wise to think backwards."

While he picked up the note, the witch returned, forcing Graham to defeat her by pushing her into her own flame. Graham ransacked the gingerbread house looking for the Chest of Gold or some clue to its whereabouts. Except for a piece of cheese he took from the kitchen cabinet, and the enigmatic note already acquired there was nothing. He figured that maybe the note was a clue.[1]

Later, Graham met an old gnome on Gnome Isle, who asked him to give him his name. Graham twice failed to answer correctly, first he answered Rumplestiltskin, and then Nickslitselpmur. Twice the gnome mentioned that Graham must be backwards; the first time he asked what backwards part of the realm Graham was from, the second time he asked what kind of backwards answer is that, and called him an alphebetical imbecile. Graham kept thinking back to "backwords", he noted that the gnome had deliberately used that word twice before. Graham knew his name was really Rumplestiltskin, but twisted backwards somehow. It reminded him of the note he found in the house. Between the gnome's clue of backwards and "alphebetical imbecile", he figured out that the Backwards alphabet was the answer, he answered Ifnkovhgroghprm.

The gnome looked at him for a moment with what might have been affection. In a moment the look passed, the gnome told him "not bad" offering him magic beans as a reward, leaving them on the ground where they stood. Graham picked them up.[2]

Trivia Edit

Because of its relation to the backwards alphabet, the note has become one of the most infamous items in the entire game.


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