November is one of the twelve months of the year in Daventry. It is a late autumn or early winter month (depending on the seasonal & calendar system being used; and may straddle both seasons).


November is a cold and rainy month in the Kingdom of Daventry coming before the first snows of winter.[1]

Hiram Bennet died on the 11th day of November, 1553. His grave can be found in graveyards of Tamir.[2][3]

In November, 1989, Peter Spear published the first edition of the King's Quest Companion based on communications he had received from Derek Karlavaegen. In it Peter Spear mentioned that Derek Karlavaegen had moved into Manannan's house a few months after Alexander had turned the sorcerer into a cat. The wizard had probably escaped and was plotting new revenge (predicting the events of KQV more than a year before Roberta began work on KQV). The book published material sent by Derek concerning KQ1-3[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

The seasons may be dependent on meteorological system or one based on solstices and equinoxes. Thus in some places November may be considered last of the autumn months, first of the winter (or straddles both).


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