Number One is more or less the defacto leader of the Royal Guards. Number Two is his main subordinate. Kyle and Larry are under them, and later Number Three and Number Four join his command.


When Manannan (KQGS) invaded the castle and attacked the guards, disabling Guard #3 and Guard #2, he was the most cowardly running further into the castle screaming "Distressssss", and leavng Larry and Kyle to try to stop Manannan. Larry was killed in the process.

Almost a century later, it was Number One whocalled Gwendolyn and Gart to see their grandfather after he collasped while they were in the fencing tournament.

Later he was serving food at the dinner between Valanice, Alexander, Rosella, Gart, and Gwendolyn. He broke in to comment on his disagreement with the way government was run in the Green Isles, and also called out 'Distress' after Gwendolyn set the table on fire, and ran over to put out the flame.

Personality and traitsEdit

Number One seems to be extremely long lived, as he has been a leading Knight since the old days of Edward and is still in command towards the end of Graham's life.

In earlier times Number One is almost always with Number Two.

TItles and nicknamesEdit

  • Royal Guard #1
  • RG1
  • Number One
  • Royal Guard Number One
  • #1

Behind the scenesEdit

Number One had a substanial part in a puzzle in Chapter 3 as part of a dinner feast, that got cut.