Number Two is a member of the Royal Guards. He is the underling and second in command under Number One.


Number 2 had become a member of the Royal Guard earlier in King Edward's reign. RG2 had used a pumpkin with an eye painted on during his eye presentation during his Knight Tournament. Royal Guard #2 even remembers a time when there were many more recruits in the kingdom earlier in earlier days of Edward's reign[1]

When Manannan (KQGS) invaded the castle and fought the guards, Number 2 was hiti with magic and collasped violently choking.

18 years later Alex comments about smelling syrup in the throne rooom, and wondering what its from.

His exact fate is not yet known however.

Personality and traitsEdit

His personality is much like Number One, however he tends to backup Number One on most of his decisions. He is perhaps a bit of a brown noser. Royal Guard #3 does not seem to respect Number Two as he does Number One. Number Two's notable trait is that he smells like syrup, and has an extreme fear of bees. Anytime he is reminded of bees he starts to yell "Distress".

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Royal Guard #2
  • RG2
  • Number Two
  • #2

Behind the scenesEdit

Number 2 has only one line in Chapter 3, in which he tells Number 3 she'll get used to his syrup smell. He would have had a much larger part in the chapter but most of the material was cut, see KQC3 development.

Due to the extremely old age[2], and seeming lack of 'aging' in this character, Kyle, and other of the Royal Guard, its not clear if this race is actually fully human. Some fans speculate they might actually be magical animated armor even. The only thing to suggest some of the knights are human is that Trolls discuss eating humans, and the trolls have been known to eat the guards.

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