The OS timeline ("Original Series") is a timeline of the dates given in the two main timelines of the Original Canon King's Quest series (the series as it existed between the 1980-1999).


There are essentially two official timelines introduced throughout the series, due to placement of events varying between sources. With some other 'minor' discrepancies usually in the placement of Graham's wedding in relation to KQ1, or the birth of the twins in relation to KQ2. This causes the games to take place over a period of twenty or twenty-five years give or take depending on the source. These two timelines or range of dates are discussed in The King's Quest Companion. Both timelines consistently share the idea that Graham was married 1 year after KQ1, but birth of the twins is 'less clear' and forces the twins birth as either 1-2 years after KQ2 or closer to 5 years after KQ2.

Each of the two main variants can be broken down into smaller mini-timelines corresponding to the related source material for each of the games.

The KQ1, KQ2, and KQ3 material, the KQ7 Authorized Guide, and KQ8 material more or less fits together forming the OT timeline ("original trilogy"). The novel timeline more or less fits into this range as well (although arguably some differences in backstories and events might place it into an 'alternative' universe if interpreted in some way). But these sources more or less place the bulk of the series over a period less than twenty-five years (approximately closer to twenty years).

Likewise the KQ5, KQ6, KQ7 material fits together to form the Anniversary timeline. Which sets the series over a twenty-five year period.

The odd man out is the KQ4 timeline which has elements that are maybe closer to Anniversary timeline, and some of it is utilized there. But might not fit with some of the material related to KQ5, KQ6, and KQ7. The main difference is largely in relation to the date of Graham's wedding, and the birth of the twins (it places the wedding as three years after KQ1, and twins birth as two years after KQ1). The issue here is the difference 3 or 4 years between KQ1 and the birth of the twins. The alternate wedding date causes a problem with pretty much all other sources (and is pretty much avoided in most sources). So the 'three year' reference is largely ignored in this wiki (but will be shown on this timeline for comparison).

The idea that the birth is on the 2nd year after the marriage is in itself not a problem (and could roughly fit onto the OT timeline), but the completely different year of the wedding (a date that is never brought up again in any source) keeps it from being reliable to the other variants. However, it might be possible to fit if one assumes there was a 'second wedding' (but that only really works with the extended 25 year timeline).

Some miscellany includes the fact that Eldritch/Etheria from KQ7 is treated as a parallel universe in the original canon, and has a different timescale than that of Daventry (time moves faster there). Modern Earth is also treated as a parallel world, with potentially separate timescale (time moves slower on modern Earth). So dating of events of these parallel worlds and how they related to Daventry are not fully clear. A similar issue occurs with the Old Woods in the novels (time can move fast or slow there depending on the will of the Faeries magic).

Finally, the last concern some bring up, relates to the cosmology of King's Quest and how this relates to the timeline. Some sources state that King's Quest was on earth in our distant past, while the Companion suggests its in a parallel world. However, on a closer reading one sees that the parallel world/dimensional travel as described by Peter Spear somehow relates to time travel as well (see time warp, and On the Origin of Daventry), so they need not be considered 'contradictory', and it can only be assumed that time slowed as the world got older[1]. Which still allows for modern world and past Daventry to still exist on the same world (yet still be related to time/parallel world travel).

For that matter is Eldritch really a parallel world or rather yet another parallel point in time on earth (explaining how it can both be described as "another world" and as an 'earthly plane' in KQ7)?

None of the Original Series timelines on this wiki are considered more or less authoritative than any other version of the timeline. Most of these timelines are based on historical dating rather than astronomical dating, where there is an entire year 1 rather than year 0 (0 is a point in time rather than an entire year) (calculating for historical dating may effectively change certain dates and timings, corrections may still need to be made).

Official TimelinesEdit

The King's Quest Companion states that King's Quest games take place over a period of 20 or 25 years (this was likely intended to mean a range of 20-25 years). There are two main interpretations of the timeline based on this quote one takes the route that KQ3/4 took place around twenty years after KQ1 (as per the intent of the original trilogy manuals, and used in the novels and implied by a few references in the companion). The other suggests that KQ6/7 took place twenty-five years after KQ1 (shifting KQ3/4 to about 23 years after KQ1).

Most sources either divide the twins birth as either occurring about two years after KQ1 or five years after KQ1 in relation to the 20-25 year range or the 25 year end date interpretations. The twins birth at five years after KQ1 is introduced by the KQ4 manual, but is applied in later sources (but not always explicit). It is roughly used by material released for KQ6. But there are later sources that may imply the more conservative original timeline as well.

However there are a couple of other variant timelines based on the date when KQ2 took place. The KQ4 timeline places the marriage at three years after KQ1, KQ2 manual and Companion places the marriage at 1 year after KQ1, a few sources suggests that it was 'several years' (which could be anywhere between 2 or 5 years after KQ1 give or take), The Stories So Far places it either 1 or 2.

These various sources also imply different variant dates for when the twins were born in relation to KQ2. As such Original timeline more or less places the twins birth at year 2. Other sources generally place around year five (the story thus far could imply that it took place 2 or 3 years after KQ1).

Main VariationsEdit

  • Original timeline/Earth timeline (forms a more or less consistent timeline with original KQ trilogy, 20 (to 25) year range from the companions, and the novel timeline)

Assuming Graham was 19 at the time of KQ1 as its stated in sources by Lorelei Shannon, he would be 39 at the time of KQ3/4 in these timelines.

Assuming Graham was 19 at the time of KQ1 as its stated in sources by Lorelei Shannon, he would be 42 at the time of KQ3/4 in these timelines.


Note there are a few inconsistencies between the various sources on the placement of certain events, so there is no single cohesive timeline. There are actually several possible official timelines based on differences between the various sources.

These include variant references to time between the KQ Companion/KQ2 prologue story, KQ4 manual, and various references in official KQ hintbooks, manuals, and the games themselves.

Each timeline is based off of references to periods of time between events, given in the official games, official books, official manuals, and official strategy guides. GC standing for Graham's Coronation. This dating system was chosen to represent the dating due to a couple of sources that based the amount of time that passed off anniversary of when King Graham became king. KQ2, KQ4, and KQ6 manuals/hintguides make reference to such anniversaries.

Each timeline is associated around a particular source, be it novels, companion, or material associated with a particular game.

In each timeline article, contradictory material is discussed briefly.

There are inconsistencies between various sources, for example; The introductory story in KQ2 manual and King's Quest Companion implies that the events of KQ2 took place one year after KQ1 according to the KQ4 manual he saw Valanice in the magic mirror and left on the adventure three years after KQ1, the KQV Hintbook placed the events of KQ2 several years after KQ1 (implying it was more than two or three years). Each of these differences essentially creates three to four separate timelines (based on a major divergence surrounding the alternate marriage and birthdate).

The KQV Hintbook has other discrepancies. According to KQ4 the royal twins were born two years after KQ2 (about 5 years after KQ1). Depending on the interpretation of the text; the King's Quest Companion may suggest that the the twins were born 5 years after KQ1, or four years after KQ2 (5 GC) although this is not fully clear (the book only suggests that the KQ games take place over a range of 20 or 25 years), and there is no specific reference to when they were born in relation to the games; the range may be seen as an approximation of when the series takes place rather than specifically that it took place over twenty-five years period (there is no specific reference to how much time passed between KQ2 and KQ3). The age of twins given in later sources in relation to dates given in those sources (KQ6 Hintbook, King's Quest Companion, KQ7, etc) support the birth of 5 years after KQ1 (although KQ2 is placed at different points in time in different sources). The KQV hintbook states that the birth of the twins was one year after the events of KQ2, several years after KQ1 (which doesn't fit directly with other references, unless KQ2 took place four years after KQ1).

King's Quest Companion states that Alexander was kidnapped by shores of Lake Maylie during a summer picnic. The KQV Hintbook places the kidnapping in the castle nursery. KQV Hintbook also contains a possible discrepancy for when Alexander was kidnapped by Manannan. It states that he was kidnapped exactly six months after his birth. However this creates problems with other known details in relation to other sources; Alexander's was a few days or weeks from his eighteenth birthday, the story took place during late summer, and that See No Weevil places the twins birthdays in early autumn. If Alexander was born during early Autumn, as per See No Weevil and supported by KQ3, and kidnapped during the summer (according to King's Quest Companion), then it would imply that Alexander could have been kidnapped up to nine months after his birth. KQ5 Hintbook's date the six month date (from autumn birthdate) would place his kidnapping in during late winter, early spring. The KQV Hintbook also places the events of KQ1 during the spring (this is supported in both the KQ Companion, and alternate KQ1VGA version of the timeline), but it is unclear what affects, if any, that would have on the timeline.

Fan timelines are inconsistent with the official timeline, and multiple dates are off by several years.

King's Quest TimelineEdit

The timeline below is a list of all dates made in official sources, including inconsistent dates. Note, it will be a bit confusing, as the same event may be listed more than once. To simplify things several of the 'main variants' will be shown with color coding, to help show where things diverge.


  • BGC = Before Graham's Coronation
  • GC = Graham's Coronation
  • Violet = OT timeline (KQ1 timeline, KQ2 timeline, KQ3 timeline, KQ8 timeline, Variant 1 companion timeline, and Novel timeline)
  • Tan = Anniversary timeline (companion timeline variant 2, KQ6 timeline, KQ7 timeline, and Wedding timeline)
  • Gold = Companion timelines shared dates (dates shared by both variants of main timelines)
  • Turquoise = Novel timeline (fits roughly on top of OT timeline, but a few minor differences)
  • Red = KQ4 timeline (about the same as Anniversary timeline except for an alternate date for KQ2.)
  • Green = KQ5 Timeline (less specific mainly changes the date of twins birth in relation to KQ2; but mostly fits onto the Anniversary timeline)
  • Blue = KQ6 timeline (some material based on the KQC and fits on the Anniversary timeline, but there are a few minor discrepancies)
  • Olive = KQ7 timeline (mostly concerned with history of Etheria, but also mainly relates to the Anniversary timeline)


Over 10,000 BGC
A major event causes the Old Wood to grieve. It would not grieve again for another 10,000 years.
Over 2000 BGC
The kingdom of Daventry is founded.
C. 1000 BGC
The Ancient Ones inhabited the Isle of the Sacred Mountain in a time before the "Kingdom" of the crown existed. They lived alone in the sea.
Crispinophur leads the first Withdrawal from the Other World (Earth) onto the continent of Serenia. The Ancient Ones were already legend when people first withdrew from the Other World, and were the precursors of the Winged Ones.
Daventry is founded, the Ancient Well is first used.
C. 977 BGC
The mummy is buried in a crypt in Tamir.
975 BGC
The Rock Spirit, Feldspar begins slumbering for a millennium.
C. 883 BGC
Entomon Wilson creates wandering weevils.
795 BGC
The Wandering Weevils involved in the destruction of Sideria.
583 BGC
Mosstwizzle and Brightmist are born.
C. 520 BGC (or over 500 BGC)
The approximate date when Daventry obtained the Magic Shield which grants the kingdom protection thenceforth.[2]The last time Daventry was successfully invaded by soldiers for several centuries.
483 BGC
Entomon Wilson's Wandering Weevils ate all the plant-life in the Vale of Obscurity forcing the Ice Fairies to move to coast of the Sea of Barnacles.
477 BGC
The Genie becomes trapped in the bottle (and it would be about 500 years before the bottle is opened again[3])
420 BGC (or over 400 BGC)
Daventry loses the harvest to an early autumn rain.[4]
Over 300 BGC
An earlier Castle of the Crown was built. It was a large and drafty castle and served as the seat of the royal family for over 300 years.
Over 179 BGC
The nobles of Daventry obtained the Magic Mirror. It foretells the future and shows what goes on in distant lands.TFC
123 BGC
The Duchy of the Solicitous Boar is destroyed by Entomon Wilson's Wandering Weevils.
105 BGC
Two children die in Etheria becoming Ghoul Kids.
C. 90 BGC
:King Aliphid builds the current Castle of the Crown to replace the old drafty one, to have a healthier home for his wife Queen Astar.[5]
77 BGC
The magic fruit begins to grow on the small magic tree in the Swamp of Tamir. (See also KQ4 timeline.)
The date Rumplestiltskin is thought to be have been born.
80 BGC
Rumplestiltskin is born (or it at least looks that way).[6]
C. 75 BGC
Prince Cocteau is cursed by an evil hag on the Isle of the Forest one night, and is turned into a Beast. The island was cursed along with him, and strange lights could be seen from other islands. King Aliphim checked the island the next day to find that the trees had grown dense, and that there was now only one path with barriers blocking the way. He heard the sound of a beast, that drove several of his guards to madness and haunted him to the end of his days. The island was known as Isle of the Beast from then on.
The last time Bump-on-the-Log moved from his current position.
61 BGC
Master Rokaill is born in Daventry.
49 BGC
Karn Megiddo is born.
20 BGC
King Edward loses the Magic Mirror (King's Quest Companion).
He loses the Magic Shield several months later.
He loses the Chest of Gold not long after.
19 BGC
The future King Graham is born in Daventry to the family of Sir Hereward in late spring. (KQ6/KQ7 Hintbooks)
c. 14 BGC
Manannan kills a slave.
Manannan obtains a one year old child to be his new slave.
11 BGC
Little Red Riding Hood is born in Kolyma.
10 BGC
Around this time, the evil wizard Karn Megiddo begins work on his great spell.
7-6 BGC
Telgrin is born.
Rokaill turns 60. A painting is commissioned for him, and put in Castle Daventry.
Hesthia is born.
1 GC
In the late spring, Daventry continues to suffer from invading monsters (KQC/KQ5 Hintbook/KQ1SCI).
Graham turns nineteen, one week later he is called before King Edward.
Sir Graham, King Edward's greatest knight finds the three treasures that the king had lost.
After Graham returns the treasures, Edward dies shortly before King Graham's coronation to the throne (KQ1AGI&SCI, KQC, KQ5 Hintbook).
Edward Dies scant hours after Graham is crowned king. That night he mourns his death. (KQ6/KQ7 Hintbooks).
Edward dies almost a week after Graham's appointment to the throne.
William is born.
2 GC
King Graham sees the face of King Edward in the Magic Mirror, who instructs him to search for a queen. Gerwain suggests that he has a party to find maidens of the realm. Soon after Graham sees Valanice in the magic mirror and travels to Kolyma to save her from Hagatha.
One year after being crowned King, Graham sees Valanice in the mirror and travels to Kolyma.
On the first day there, Graham opens the first door.
On the second day, Graham opens the 2nd door and the on the 3rd day, he hopes the 3rd doors and reaches the Crystal Tower, where he saves Valanice.
They are married in Kolyma afterwards. The bridge is repaired, before heading home, Valanice and Graham cross the bridge head head back to the enchanted isle, help free the lion, taking it back to its jungle home. After a long voyage they return home.
The day following their return, prime minister Gerwain writes the court chronicle of there adventure, and wishes them a long marriage, with many heirs (KQ2 manual/KQC/Novels).
3 GC
:Valanice gives birth to twins Alexander and Rosella in the early autumn.
4 GC
Mordack kills his previous slave.
Alexander is kidnapped from his cradle in Daventry by Manannan.
Graham sees the image of Valanice in the Magic Mirror, not more than a week after the third anniversary of his appointment to the throne (on the eve of the day of Edward's death) (thus in late spring/early summer). He travelled to Kolyma to save her from Hagatha and marry her (KQ4 manual).
Several years later, King Graham sees Valanice while gazing into the magic mirror, he travels to Kolyma to save her. After returning to Daventry, in a beautiful wedding ceremony, Valanice became King Graham's wife, and Queen of Daventry.
5 GC
A year after the wedding of King Graham and Queen Valanice, twins were born to the happy couple; a dark-haired boy, and a golden-haired girl.
6 GC
Telgrin begins apprenticeship under Owen.
Valanice gives birth to Rosella and Alexander two years after marrying Graham. Rumors begin to circulate that a terrible three-headed dragon was terrorizing the lands on its way towards the kingdom of Daventry
Valanice gives birth to Rosella and Alexander four years after marrying Graham. King Graham begin his daily strolls by Lake Maylie. (KQC/KQ6 Hintbook)
Graham begins his daily journeys to the Lake Maylie.
One morning about six months later, Queen Valanice looked into the nursery and found it unattended with Alexander's crib empty and Rosella crying uncontrollably. The castle was scoured high and low, and every inch of Daventry was searched, but there never was any sign of the little boy. The entire kingdom sank into a deep depression that never lifted, and as a direct result, was unable to defend itself when a terrible dragon moved into the area and caused mass destruction.
7 GC
The royal family have a summer picnic on the shores of Lake Maylie taking Alexander and Rosella with them. Manannan appeared and cast a spell on the group, and kidnapped the young prince one year after his birth. When the spell wore off they found Alexander's cradle empty but still rocking. Valanice searched for her son in the castle nursery but found no sign of her son, and Rosella was crying uncontrollably. The castle was scoured high and low, and every inch of Daventry was searched but there was never any sign of the little boy. Manannan had returned to his home in Llewdor and renamed the boy Gwydion (King's Quest Companion).
Around this time, Derek begins his journey to explore the world, becoming a writer, and selling his articles.
8 GC
One year, Derek Karlavaegen leaves for Serenia from Port Bruce in Llewdor on the Round About (King's Quest Companion). At some point during the trip the compass was damaged by a storm, and the crew sailed off course for a little over a month off before the ship was destroyed in the Dangerous Currents, and Rocky Shoals near the Green Isles. Derek ended up on the shore of the Isle of the Crown[7].
Lydia is born. Her mother dies shortly after.
9 GC
King Caliphim and Queen Allaria who are without children, hope for a daughter.
Derek Karlavaegen finishes the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles, and gives one copy to royal family and keeps one for himself, with the promise he will keep his knowledge of the islands secret.
After which he returned to Daventry with the help of a spell from Caliphim's ancient court sorcerer. He was sent to a bower near the town of Serenia. He had finally arrived at the destination he had originally intended to land at when he left from Llewdor nearly a year before.
10 GC
Karn Megiddo entered the Glamour Manarvel to complete the final part of the great spell. He left :Kuzgu to collect the final parts of the spell.
Cyril begins apprenticeship under Olkiphon.
Alexander and Rosella turned seven in autumn.
11 GC
William has his 10th birthday in early spring, although a strange winter continues.
Graham heads to Sorrowing Court to save Ahi'aorina from Dunstan and his imps to stop the continuing winter.
Graham has his 32nd birthday during the late spring.
Alexander and Rosella turn eight.
Cassima is born.
Abdul Alhazred travels to the Land of the Green Isles, and becomes the Vizier. Caliphim wanted to spend time with his wife and new daughter.[8]
12 GC
Telgrin cuts off Owen's head.
Alexander and Rosella turn nine.
13 GC
Rosella and Alexander turn ten in the fall.
Hesthia visits Rosella at the castle, they were good friends and confided secrets in each other.
17 GC
Benjamin is born in the spring.
The representative of the Daventry weavers' guild has reasonable success at selling his wares in the late summer.
Rosella turns 14 in the autumn.
18 GC
Betony is born.
The gnomes begin selling their wares in the market of Daventry.
During summer, while her family is away in a neighboring kingdom. She decides that she wants to run the kingdom, since she is the princess.
The princess tosses two female kidnappers into the dungeon.
She starts preparing for the Harvest Festival, and has a ancient stump removed, releasing a swarm of Weevils on the land. At the same a piper is traveling through the land leading a bunch of sloks to take them to a place where they won't cause trouble. Due to more mistakes by Rosella the sloks are freed. Rosella ultimately stops the sloks, and weevils and saves Daventry, and celebrate the Feast of the Harvest Moon, before her parents get home, ultimately saving Daventry, and the rest of the world.
Rosella and Alexander turn 15 in the autumn.
19 GC
During the summer, Rosella would have let old child-kidnapping sisters out of the dungeon giving them a chance to plead for parole.
20 GC
Alexander and Rosella turn 18 during the autumn.
21 GC
Manannan will soon kill Gwydion, as it will shortly be his eighteenth birthday in the late summer/early fall.[9][10]
Gwydion dumps the trash can in Manannan's study, and sweeps the dust under the rug in Manannan's bedroom. Knowing that Manannan would soon kill him, he set a plan into motion to defeat the wizard and escape.
He learned from an oracle of his true identity and his sister's eminent death from the Three-Headed Dragon ravaging Daventry.
After a short voyage on a pirate ship, he reached Daventry. He was able to save his sister Rosella, and the kingdom of Daventry from the dragon. They return home and have a short reunion together, Graham tosses his hat to his family.[11]
The twins turn turns 18 shortly thereafter.[12]
Alexander escapes from Llewdor during the Summer.
Rosella travels to Tamir to save her father and Genesta.
Around this time, Alexander met the wizard Morowyn in Daventry, and learned about the spell the wizard had cast upon himself to stay alive.
Rosella and Alexander turn 19 in the autumn.
22 GC
Alexander returns from journeying abroad. The Large Oak Tree near castle Daventry is destroyed by lightning during a storm. Alexander sets out on a journey to the floating castle and saves his father soul from Telgrin. During this time Rosella was visiting Lycathia.
Rosella and Alexander turn 20 in the autumn.
23 GC
Alexander-Gwydion and Rosella have their seventeenth birthday.
This is the last year Gwydion works for Manannan. He begins lose interest in his chores; he has started to chase girls and hang out in town.[13]
A large metal object crashed into Castle Daventry's moat, [14], apparently causing it to drain. The was discovered to be a strange contraption.
An unhappy lad of eighteen by the name of Gwydion searching desperately for a way to escape the slavery enforced upon him by the evil wizard Manannan. Manannan and Gwydion lived in a house high upon a mountain peak in the center of Llewdor, a land far across the sea from Daventry.
24 GC
As Gwydion neared his 18th birthday, knowing that Manannan would soon kill him, he set a plan into motion to defeat the wizard and escape.[15][16] During the summer he traveled the lands of Llewdor, and learned from an oracle of his true identity and his sister's eminent death from the Three-Headed Dragon ravaging Daventry. He decided to travel Daventry to save her.
After a short voyage on a pirate ship, he reached Daventry. He was able to save his sister Rosella, and the kingdom of Daventry from the dragon. They return home and have a short reunion together.[17]
The joy of the reunion proved to be a strain on forty-two year old, Graham's heart. About an hour later he collapsed from a heart attack. Rosella was overcome with grief and sat by the magic mirror wishing she could save him. Her sorrow traveled through the magic mirror and called forth The Good Fairy and Queen of Tamir, Genesta, who revealed to Rosella the existence of a magical fruit that could save her father's life. Rosella agreed to help Genesta, who in turn, used her magic to transport Rosella to the kingdom of Tamir. Once there, she vowed to both help the fairy queen and retrieve the mystical fruit.
After a long and perilous adventure, Rosella accomplished her goals by retrieving the magical fruit, defeating the evil fairy sorceress Lolotte, and returning Genesta's life preserving talisman to her. Genesta then returned her home so she could give the fruit to King Graham.
A few months after Alexander's escape, Derek Karlavaegen moved into the Manannan's house (he saw no sign of the wizard).
Soon after Rosella and Alexander had their eighteenth birthday.
Cassima is kidnapped by Mordack a friend of the Vizier Alhazred, and taken to his island, in hopes she will decide to wed him.
King Graham sets out for a walk near Lake Maylie on a wonderful spring day nearly one year after his heart attack. While he is gone Mordack steals his castle and kidnaps his family. He is brought to Serenia by Cedric who points him in the right direction.
25 GC
King Graham sets out for a walk near Lake Maylie on a wonderful spring day nearly one year after his heart attack. While he is gone Mordack steals his castle and kidnaps his family. He is brought to Serenia by Cedric who points him in the right direction.
Prince Alexander and Princess Rosella were tearfully and joyfully reuniting with their parents, King Graham and Queen Valanice, who had feared they had lost BOTH of their children to devious circumstances, when the stress of it all proved too much for King Graham. He was about to pass his old adventurer's hat on to his two children, when he was suddenly struck with a severe heart attack.
26 GC
Daventry celebrates the 25 year anniversary of forty four year old Graham's reign. Bryanne Eridiphal writes the The Royal Family: A Celebration.
A little over three months after returning from Mordack's Evil Island, Alexander sees Cassima's face in the Magic Mirror.
Over the course of a three month journey, Alexander reaches the Land of the Green Isles.
A little over five months after Mordack's destruction, Shadrack writes a letter to Abdul Alhazred.
Six months after Graham rescued his family and Castle Daventry, Alexander travels to the Land of the Green Isles to save Princess Cassima (as stated in KQ6). A week later they are married.
After their wedding, Alexander and Cassima began traveling from the Green Isles by ship to visit the Royal Family of Daventry.
Nearly a year after Mordack was defeated, Alexander sees Cassima in the mirror, a day later he travelled to Llewdor to meet Derek Karlavaegen and learn about the Green Isles. He then makes a three month voyage to the islands.
Over the course of three days he saves the kingdom from Abdul Alhazred. A week later Alexander and Cassima are married.
Not long after Rosella and Valanice were in Daventry's castle garden, Valanice wanted her to get married as she is reaching marriageable age [18]. She traveled to Eldritch and Etheria, and saved Edger and his family. Only a short period of time had passed in Daventry while they were gone, due to Eldritch's time moving faster than Daventry's. When they returned to Daventry, they told Graham of their adventures.
Not long after Alexander and Rosella have their twentieth birthday.
The genie is freed by the witch of the Dark Forest. The genie entraps the witch for 500 years in his bottle.
After several side tracks in the land of Serenia, King Graham finally reaches Mordack's Island and saves his family.
124 GC
A new Magic Fruit finishes growing on the the Tree of Life.
524 GC
The date that the Witch of the Dark Forest is predicted to escape the Genie of the Bottle's bottle.
525 GC
The date that the Witch of the Dark Forest is predicted to escape the Genie of the Bottle's lamp.
1026 GC
The amount of time Malicia would have entrapped Rosella and Otar underground.

Significant Historical Events with Unknown DatesEdit

Before 10,000 BGCEdit

  • The Glass Mountains are formed.
  • The Old Wood grows in Serenia.
  • It took millenniums for the stalactites in the caves of Daventry to form[19]...the rock formations were slowly created over thousands of years.[20]

Before 2000 BGCEdit

  • The fairies move into the Old Wood.
  • Crispinophur leads the first Withdrawal from the Other World (Earth) onto the continent of Serenia (Crispin suggests this occured at least a millennium before KQ5, but probably more).
  • Daventry is founded thousands of years before KQ1(possibly several aeons). However, it was founded long after the creation of the Old Wood. It has shared a number of good and bad kings over the thousands of years of its existence.[21]

Before 1 GCEdit

Few Years After 25 GCEdit

  • The events of Mask of Eternity occur within a few years after KQ7. Graham is still alive, but older, and white-haired.[25]
  • In the OT timeline, KQ8 may have taken place at 25 GC (the other games take place at an earlier point in time around 22 GC).

Eldritch TimeEdit

  • Date Unknown
The Trolls of the Vulcanix Underground have been keepers of the volcano for one hundred generations.
  • 1000 BPB
The Rock Spirit, Feldspar begins slumbering for a millennium.[26]
  • 130 BPB
Two children die in Etheria becoming Ghoul Kids.
  • 0 PB
Rosella and Valanice save Eldritch and Etheria from destruction and defeat Malicia.
  • 1000 PB
Malicia had intended to trap Rosella and Otar underground for a thousand years.

Other World/Earth TimeEdit

In King's Quest Companion, many of these dates represent grave stones brought over from the Other World. In Roberta's view these may have been intended to be dates within the King's Quest Universe itself, which was meant to be Earth.

60 Million Years.
Amber is formed.
Pope Sylver begins to rule the [Vatican]].
year-1000 medieval compliant products[27]
Pope Sylvester dies and his papacy ends.[28]
Gypsies first appear in Europe[29].
In early 15th century, the physician Paracelsus gave the gnomes their name and differentiated them from dwarfs.[30]
Rebecca Freeland is born.
The death of Willy.
1553 (November 11th)
The date of death for Hiram Bennet.
The birth of future Lord Coningsby.
The birth of William Shakespeare.[31]
The birth of Randolph Peter.
Rebecca Freeland dies.
The death of William Shakespeare.[32]
The death of Lord Coningsby.
The death of Randolph Peter.
Birth of an unknown woman who would do her best in life.
The death of Newberry Will.
The birth of Betty Cowden.
The death of Betty Cowden.
The death of unknown woman who had done her best.
c. 1800's
Mary Ann Lowder dies from use of seidlitz powder (a powder marketed during the 1800s).
Simon Byrne kills a man while boxing, the man is buried in Innsmouth (the historical Simon Byrne lived 1806 – 1833).
Bram Stoker writes a novel about Count Dracula, believed to be based on the madman by the name of Vlad the Impaler.[33]
Peter Spear, Roberta Williams, and others receive dreams and messages from the world of Daventry. The King's Quest series of computer and video games are based on these messages and dreams. In time the great dreamer, Roberta Williams begins to affect the reality of Daventry causing changes in the world.
In late 1984, Peter Spear was working as a writer and producer for a television station in San Francisco. He first had a chance to talk to John Williams (head of marketing at Sierra) about a new game about to be published. He traveled to Ethiopia, and when he returned the game, "King's Quest" (plain vanilla King's Quest, not King's Quest 1, not Quest for the Crown was waiting for him).[34]
In late 1988, Peter Spear airs a segment on Roberta Williams
In January,Peter Spear met Roberta Williams in Las Vegas and interviewed her a few months later. Roberta talked about the land of her creation. She secretly hinted to Peter Spear that Daventry was a reality, a universe, that really existed. Short time later, Peter Spear began receiving electronic mail from Daventry.[35]
Sierra releases a new and graphically improved King's Quest I. It contained "creative license" that changed elements of the game world, that did not reflect the "real world of Daventry". It was a second "game reality".[36]
The chronicles of Daventry are retold, these centuries later, as the tales of King's Quest."[2]
KQ8 is released.


GC and BGC are unofficial designations for the dates starting with KQ1, and references to events before KQ1.

BPB stands for Before Princeless Bride, and designates different calender used in Eldritch do to time flowing at a different rate than in the world of Daventry.

It should also be noted that these are mainly approximate dates, since there is no way to know specific years or the months that events took place in. There are only references to how much time passes between each event, and a few references to which season the event took place during.

Tombstones in KQ4 give specific years and dates as well. However, according to the King's Quest Companion these are said to be graves from the Other World (Earth), and therefore do not correspond to dates within the world of Daventry itself (at least from King's Quest Companion perspective). From the alternative perspective that KQ is set in Earth's past these may very well represent internal dates within the KQ universe.

Several references including alluded to in KQ3, the manual for KQ4 (and possibly the Companion, and the The World of King's Quest: A Brief History of Daventry suggest that the terrible three-headed dragon and other disasters struck Daventry within same year that Alexander was kidnapped and magic mirror went dark (which went dark on the night of his kidnapping). This suggests that 16-18 maidens were sacrificed. The King's Quest novels instead seem to suggest, that the Dragon attacks and disasters started over 15 years after the kidnapping.

This is a list of the inconsistent references to time between the sources. It also includes a few additional references to time mentioned in different articles, interviews, etc.

Note that the The Silver Lining, KQ2, and other fan Timelines (unofficial) are inconsistent with the dates given in the official sources.

Incidentally, when Peter Spear stated that the King's Quest games take place between 20 or 25 years he was right. In all variant timelines KQ3 onwards, take place as early as 20 years after KQ1 and as much as 25 years after KQ in most variations of the timeline. The KQ5 Timeline (with material from KQ5 Hintbook included) fits on top of the Novel timeline almost perfectly (putting KQ7 about 21 years after KQ1), where as some of the other timelines seem to fit on top of the KQ4 timeline more directly (with varying degrees of success) (with dates ranging as much as 24-25 years after KQ1).

Alternative dates/DiscrepanciesEdit

  • According to the King's Quest Companion, the king's quest games take place over the course of 20 or 25 years.[37]
  • The date of the first withdrawal is unclear. According to information in the Companion it apparently took place after the Ancient Ones had already become legend. According to the guidebook the last date the Ancient Ones had lived in Green Isles was about 1000 years before KQ6. This would mean the first withdrawal would have had to have taken place between 1000 BGC and 0 BGC. This has other issues with other information that suggests that Daventry was founded several millenia before KQ1 (which would suggest that withdrawal occured more than 1000 years before KQ1).
  • Depending on the source Daventry was founded less than 1000 BGC (after the Ancients became legend) or over 2,000 years before KQ1.
  • The introductory story in KQ2 manual originally implied that events of KQ2 took place one year after KQ1 (from the moment he saw Edward in the mirror). The novelization for KQ2 in the King's Quest Companion also states that KQ2 takes place one year after KQ1, mentioning that the Sorcerer had turned him to stone the year before.[38]. The KQ4 manual, places of events of KQ2; three years after KQ1. The KQV Hintbook placed the events of KQ2 several years after KQ1 (implying it was more than two or three years).
  • According to the KQV hintbook and an article in InterAction Magazine (Fall 1992) states that the twins were born 1 year after events of KQ2. According to KQ4 manual, the royal twins were born two years after KQ2. In the King's Quest Companion the twins were born about four years after KQ2.
  • King's Quest: The Floating Castle, King's Quest V Hintbook, and an article in InterAction Magazine (Fall 1992) states that Alexander was 18 years old when he returned from Llewdor (or that 18 years had passed since Alexander was kidnapped). However, according to KQ3 (and several other sources) he and his sister were 17 when he returned from Llewdor.
  • According to information in KQ3, the game took place during the summer. However, a reference in King's Quest Companion which states that Pan plays a "Maytime dance" could imply that KQ4 takes place during spring. However, KQ4 begins directly at the end of KQ3. The companion confirms that KQ4 takes place in the summer, mentioning that the scents of summer hang delightfully heavy.[39]
  • The manual for KQ3 states that Manannan kidnaps his slaves when they are exactly one year old (given the example of his first victim, and that he followed this practice each time). The KQV hintbook and the article in InterAction Magazine (Fall 1992) states that Alexander was kidnapped exactly six months after his birth.The KQC suggests he was kidnapped one year after his birth (Alexander was held captive for seventeen long years). The six month dates creates problems with other known details in relation to other sources; Alexander's was a few weeks from his eighteenth birthday, the story took place during late summer, and that See No Weevil places the twins birthdays in early autumn (as supported by KQ3, and KQC). If Alexander was born during early Autumn, as per See No Weevil and supported by KQ3/KQC, and kidnapped from the shores of Lake Maylie during the summer (according to King's Quest Companion), then it would mean that Alexander would have had to have been kidnapped over ten months after his birthdate . The King's Quest Hintbook's six month reference (from autumn birthdate) would place his kidnapping during late winter, early spring. The companion also states that Alexander was held 17 long years, suggesting he was kidnapped almost a year after his birth (or the following summer after his birth).
  • KQ5 takes place almost a year after KQ4 (23 GC) according to the KQV & KQ8 manuals, during following spring (24 GC). References within KQ6 states that Cassima was "locked in a room nearly six months"[40] which implies it was six months after her rescue in KQ5. This would place KQ6 at about 24 years after KQ1. However the official King's Quest VI Hintbook by Lorelei Shannon places KQ6 at 25 GC, the same year as KQ7 ("...20th birthday...") which would be almost a year after KQ5. KQ6/7 taking place 25 years after KQ1 is supported in the King's Quest Companion). King's Quest Companion states that KQ6 takes place almost a year after KQV[41], and that Cassima was to be in seclusion for a year.[42]
  • The exact timeframe for King's Quest: The Floating Castle is unclear. There are few locations that it could fit in relationship to details given within the book. The last major event mentioned early in the book is Alexander's escape from Manannan (and it is implied that he is at least eighteen). It also mentions that Alexander met the wizard Morowyn nine months before events of the book, he also appears to show no signs of depression (implying he has not yet met Cassima), the epilogue takes place in the following summer. This would mean that details given would place most of the book between KQ4 and KQ5. The epilogue would most likely have to take place after KQV.
  • The date that the magic mirror was obtained is implied to be over 500 years in KQ1 manual, and over 200 years in King's Quest: The Floating Castle.
  • At the end of the KQ1 remake its mentioned that an unspecific number of years of prosperity occurs following events of KQ1.[43]
  • In an article by Peter Spear in Interaction Winter 1992, King's Quest - A Landmark Game, he claimed that the game "Picks up about three months after King's Quest V ended". It is actually said to about six months in the game. The article was original published in Questbusters magazine, and was published before the release of KQ6. It discusses several other prototype ideas.
  • The narrator in KQ4 calls Graham, "old King Graham", Rosella states that Graham is "still young".[44] (she was saying that he still many more years of his life to live). This is not really a contradiction. Several other sources claim that he was "old", as well.
  • According to an interview from Roberta Williams she stated; "Between III and VI, there’s only a period of about two years."
  • It is said in several sources that Alexander was several weeks from his eighteenth birthday when KQ3 began. Exact amount is not clear.

Misc. NotesEdit

  • According to the narrator or Rosella, the mummy is about a 1000 years old. This is merely an approximation and not necessarily accurate.
  • Derek Karlavaegen wrote in Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles that the old castle had been around for over 300 years, before a newer one built around 100 years before replaced it.
  • In the King's Quest Companion Derek Karlavaegen says that it was nearly a year since the time he arrived on the shores of Isle of the Crown that he made it to Serenia. It is unclear which season he made it to the island (c. 7 GC).
  • Seven is the age of Rosella during Kingdom of Sorrow, which takes place in Spring of the following year (she had her birthday in autumn).
  • KQ6 and KQ7 official hint books says that Graham had just turned 19 at time of KQ1. Several references in KQ1 SCI imply that it is spring, but almost summer, "...spring flowers...", "...the hot summer months", "...before next winter..." The KQC, also mentions spring flowers (this is supported by a reference in the KQV Hint Book, although other dates given in the book are inconsistent).
  • The official novel, The Floating Castle, mentioned that Daventry's King's and Queens had been using the the Magic Mirror for more than "two centuries" until the day the Sorcerer took it from Edward. It should be noted that the date the Magic Mirror was stolen is not specific in the manuals or any other official source. We only know that it been stolen several years before King Graham was tasked with the quest of finding all treasures, and many years after the other 2 treasures had been stolen. King's Quest Companion implies that it had been stolen 20 years before. So the exact date would be around 220 years before Graham's Coronation, but could be as high as around C. 420 BGC.
  • How the 10,000 date relates to Daventry time is somewhat unclear, as time in Old Wood moves differently than outside the woods (or least has since the fairies moved in).
  • Reference to seventeen are made in KQ3 (Gwydion is nearing his eighteenth birthday). According to See No Weevil, Alexander and Rosella were born early autumn. Both Llewdor and Daventry are in the northern hemisphere above the 'tropics' (I.E. Kolyma) and share approximately the same seasons. They would turn 18 during 23 GC after Alexander freed himself from Manannan, and Rosella travelled to Tamir.
  • The day before KQ3, Alexander was busy 'cleaning' the floor in Manannan's room, and emptied the trash in the wizard's study[45]
  • Genesta lost her Talisman, the day before she brought Rosella to Tamir.
  • According to a hidden message in KQ8: "Leslie Steiner has verified this product is year-1000 compliant with all medieval standards."
  • The Deadman's Coins are a few hundred years old (at least). This would suggest they are probably at least two hundred years old, but implies less than a thousand.[6] If so this would suggest that the coins were minted and placed by the Winged Ones, and not by the Ancient Ones.
  • An unused file in KQ7, Graham mentions he has been waiting fifteen minutes for Valanice and Rosella return for lunch. This does not meantthat they were in Etheria for only 15 minutes, it does suggest however that they were in Etheria the same day and time passed between morning and lunch to 15 minutes past lunch. The King's Quest Companion states that they were there much longer than the time that passed in Daventry (but does not explain how much time exactly) but could have been anything from a few days in Eldrich, while less than half a day passed in Daventry. The unused idea for the ending of KQ7 appears to have been the source for the time dilation idea in the Companion, and its stated the ideas were adapted from interviews with Lorelei Shannon and Roberta Williams. Another unused line in the game (although it might appear if the game is played without voice sound) states: "Valanice waited for what could have been moments, or hours, or days..." which is another reference to the nebulous amount of time passing in both realms. Note: This concept of time running separately in different realms is a reference to the phenomenal in Chronicles of Narnia, that occurs whenever people from Earth travel to Narnia (of course usually when people pass back to their own realm, their tend to reset back to the age they were when they left their own world). Other than that time in KQ7 doesn't seem to be all that important to the story, there is reference to there being only a few hours between the point when Rosella met Dr. Cadaver, and when Valanice meets him. But possibly up to a day or a few days passing based on other comments up to the time when Valanice meets Oberon and Titania, and stopping the volcano. There is also some urgency as Rosella will be forced to Marry the false Troll King in a few days or the volcano will erupt before then.
  • According to Mark Seibert, KQ8 takes place after KQ7, but there is no specific indication on how long after. Except that the intent was Graham was now 'old'. He suggests it was no more than a few years after KQ6 however.[46] While Rosella is not directly mentioned by name in KQ8, the Unicorn/Beast does state that the entire royal family was turned to stone during the ordeal. Several other characters (such as the Nymphs and Wizard) also mention that the curse affected the entire world.

King's Quest Timeline VariationsEdit

No source ever gives specific calendar dates for when the stories took place, though the manuals mentioned how much time passed between each game. Even the official universe has two different theories on the existence of Daventry placing it in two different points in time or space. The manuals and KQ6 intro movie states that the games occured a long time ago in earth's past, for example, but the companion states that people withdrew from earth a long time ago to Daventry, and now Derek Karlavaegen is sending history of his world to earth.

With the release of King's Quest I (remake), an additional alternate version of the King's Quest 1 storyline was made, which included more dialogue. It also altered a few details in the game; including changes geography, item locations, and puzzle solutions. The collection of the three treasures of Daventry was more linear ending with the Magic Shield. One altered detail in the storyline for example was that serpent-like moat monsters had replaced the alligators that existed in earlier versions of the game. Though these changes were relatively minor, and the two games storylines remained relatively the same.

Additionally there was an official version of King's Quest 1 made for SMS, and an official version of KQ5 made for the NES, both had a few minor alterations from their respective games. The SMS King's Quest had new art for the people and places of Daventry, and interface similar to early LucasArts adventure games, a few of the puzzles were altered in order to work with the interface, though the text of the story remained largely the same as the AGI original version of the game. KQ5 for the NES, had an interface similar PC disk version but the art design for the various locations was much different, and some places like the desert were reduced in size. Some of the dialogue was modified, location names changed, some of the cut scenes removed or shortened (for example Amanda and Austin never show up), and certain puzzles modified or changed. For example Dink will come from anywhere in the maze from the sound of the tambourine rather than than Graham having to find him in one of four rooms, and the maze is different than in the PC version. Additionally the sea monster at the edge of the sea is a tentacle rather than a Loch Ness type monster. However both adaptations stayed true to the original storylines.

The official King's Quest Companion chose to follow the original version of King's Quest I's story (rather than rewrite the novelization to incorporate the new material) as it was the most common version of the game released at least up to the 3rd edition of the book, and it would go against the conceit behind the story that they were actual documents coming from Daventry. The reference to this reasoning for not changing the story was removed from the introduction in the 4th edition likely due to the remake being more common than the original version by then. However the story was left unaltered for the same reason as the previous editions. King's Quest Companion referenced the alligators in the moat, whereas the novel, King's Quest: The Floating Castle, referenced directly from the remake (mentions serpents in the moat). Another difference is the order that the three treasures are discovered. In the original it could be any order, in the companion it is Mirror, Shield, Chest, and in the remake it is Mirror, Chest, Shield. However that difference is fairly minor.

The King's Quest Companion somewhat branched from the game's timelines in the 4th edition by implying that KQ7 was a fictional story within the King's Quest universe that contained more lies than truth. Though Derek admitted he didn't know for sure, and that the royal family may have chosen to keep the true events secret from him, or that some kind of great dreamer in his world was altering the face and history of his world.

In this timeline it is implied according to the King's Quest Companion that Rosella and Edgar would ultimately become the Heirs of Daventry implying a happy ending to the series as a whole.

Behind the scenesEdit

Fan game developers have created their own timelines for their games as well, see Timelines (unofficial)


These sources contain information related to the official timelines.

Behind the scenesEdit

This timeline includes most sources having to do with King's Quest.

The one exception is with the King's Quest reboot series which has its own separate 'canon'. It does not relate to any of these timelines, and introduces yet another timeline that cannot fit on top of any of the two main variants (nor the KQ4 variant as well). It also changes many of the backstories and details of various characters and events, and is thus clearly in an alternate universe). Graham, Edward and his Queen's backstories are modified (tossing out most of the KQ1 manual's backstory). Graham ages at a different rate, Graham is a different age during the events of KQ1 (21 vs 19), changes to his heritage, and extended family members history, and was a knight for Edward for much less of time, it places the events of KQ2 and marriage of Graham as a decade after KQ1 (rather than 1 year), which then moves all later dates a decade later than they appear in either of the two main original timeline variants. Besides Graham, the backstories for Valanice (there are now two of them), Icebella (who is the 'other Valanice' not married to Graham), Mordack, Manannan & Hagatha are completely reimagined, and tosses out the manual backstories for them (and any the original series in-game backstories). Some of these changes like a butterfly effect will be bound to change certain details about Alexander's backstory as well, and potentially the events surrounding KQ5. Eldritch is part of the world, etc (which will likely effect history of it as it relates to Rosella/Valanice during the events of KQ7, but by how much is currently unknown), so far appears to position them as having been born 20-25 years after KQ1 rather than 1-5 years after KQ1. The reboot series is entirely ignored in this article.

However, Original universe timelines, and the Reboot universes may fit into the Companion's idea of parallel dimensions that can 'co-exist' as alternative worlds but do not directly (physically) interact with each other.

For more information about the reboot series canon's timeline see KQGS timeline. This information does not appear in this timeline below.

It also mostly ignores some of what appears to be the 'implied intent' from the King's Quest novel trilogy, see BB universe which might also affects certain character backgrounds including King Graham's & Alexander's. Which do not align with either the majority of the twenty year or the twenty-five year variations. The Official Book of King's Quest may have details that may or may not fit with the majority of sources (in relation to where Graham was living at the time of KQ1, and Gwydion's backstory in KQ3, but these are generally minor)

The difficulties with the KQ4 material is already discussed above.

KQ1SCI has some minor differences in the 'order of events'. These are largely ignored, but the game itself is more or less treated as being in the same universe as the original series (due to elements of it being included in materials like the The Official Book of King's Quest VI and the novel trilogy). The Sorcerer from KQ1 and Enchanter from KQ2 are considered to be the same character due to a later developmental retcon to the series (the 1986 update of KQ1 changing the character sprite) that was then explained away in the King's Quest Companion. Whereas they were separate characters in the older 1983/84 version of KQ1. But this doesn't really have much influence on the timeline per se, but differences in King's Quest game universes (see game realites and cyberspace as the Companions and KQ7 Authorized guide explains it).

For more information about the difference in these minor alternate remake/reboots, or stories, see canon.


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