Oak trees are large decidious trees.


Oak trees are tall and wide trees found across the forest from the part land. Like humans, oak trees need to be taken care of with the right amounts of water and sun so they grow up healthy and strong. 

Oak treesEdit

  • A Large Oak Tree grew west of Castle Daventry.
  • The Hideout was built into a large oak tree in Llewdor, acorns could be found at its base. A hole near its roots had a rope that could lower a ladder to the tree house above.
  • A another large oak grows at The Crossroads. The grand old tree sretches its luxurious limbs over the crossroads. A hollow in the trunk of the old tree forms a perfect nesting place for wildlife. The tree must have witnessed many intrigues and many trajedies.
  • Many oak trees grow on the Isle of the Mists.


KQ1: This is a very large oak tree with branches stretching to the sky.


Behind the scenesEdit

In romantic druid mythology and other pagan traditions the Oak Tree is sometimes seen as the symbol of Thorn.[1] In KQ6 the Druids worship the great gods of which Thor is a member. They control weather, storms, and thunder around the islands (hence why they believed Alexander to be a great weather-wizard), and their most valuable treasure is the Sacred Oak (the symbol of Thor). The island flora consists of mostly moss-laden oak.

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