The Obsidian Scarab is a talisman the Three sisters threw to Rosella after she snatched their shared eye. It protected Rosella from the wandering Zombies on the Whateley Manor grounds, and from the Mummy guarding Pandora's Box.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Scarab in Egyptian mythology is a symbol of resurrection and life from death, as ancient belief said it sprung spontaneously from piles of dung. If you go to the graveyard at night without the talisman, the zombies' touch will kill Rosella and turn her into a wandering undead.

If you use ente rthe crypt without the scarab either by using a cheat code (or use an exploit to get past the zombie guarding the house while appeasing the ghosts), you will get the narration asking you flat-out how you managed to do it. Followed by a death scene by the mummy.

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