The information from this article is from the fan game s or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

Ogres appear in the fan games. Ogres are a vicious people. They are low in intelligence but bear brute strength. They stand about nine feet tall, packing nearly five hundred pounds of muscle and hunger, and they smell of death, flesh, and blood. Ogres are generally solitary, and usually don't have homes, except in the rare instance that a more intelligent (but still beastly) ogre resides in a small home with a mate.

Fan GamesEdit

AGDI universeEdit

Ogres are big green orc-like creatures with heavy birds, and extreme muscles.

IA universeEdit

Baba Yaga is an Ogress that Gwydion may accidentally encounter by looking behind the tapestry.

ZZT universeEdit

According to the unofficial King's Quest ZZT and ZZT 2, Ogres are huge giant-like gray skinned, evil barbarians that live on the mountains of Llewdor. Most live in the Village of the Ogres. Most of them are powerful fighters, but maybe one or two of them are Shamans; who are trained in magic. The ogres of Llewdor had made a treaty with Ravenlos. They will do anything for food, so they are often mercenaries. Later the Ogres of Llewdor were allied with the Relentless Army. Alexander fought an Ogre Shaman in the Village of the Ogres. He wielded a hammer and could cast Heat. Ogres are on average 9.5 feet tall.

TSL universeEdit

The ogres destroyed the centaur (unofficial) village in island of Llewdor. Centaurs lived a reclusive existence in their village and thus could not get any help as their village was attacked and destroyed by the ogres.

Fan FictionEdit

Revenge of the Black Cloak SocietyEdit

In Revenge of the Black Cloak Society, the ogre that lurked in Daventry was a mindless minion of Dahlia. It is brought by Dahlia after Shadrack resurrects her. During the time Dahlia was not in existence, a period of over twenty years, stories of the Ogre had been told. The ogre's first victim was one of King Graham's knights, Sir Robert. The ogre was then tasked with paroling the forest around Dahlia's cottage. Once Dahlia is defeated again by Graham, the Ogre disappears.

Hagatha turns out to be an Ogress and the sister of Baba Yaga.

Behind the scenesEdit

The reference to the ogres destroying the centaur village in The Four Winds is a nod to the events of King's Quest ZZT series.

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