Old Billy (aka Old Billy Goat, or simply Billy Goat) was the goat that lived in a pen located in the countryside of Daventry.


The goat was lured away from its pen by Graham with a carrot. Graham took the goat towards the troll who guarded the gnome's islet. It is generally known that goats hate trolls, so the goat knocked the troll off the bridge into the River Fools.[1] Afterward the goat left Graham, its fate remains unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit

Old Billy is the name given to the goat in KQ1 in the King's Quest Companion (2nd Edition onwards, edited down from "Old Billy Goat" in the first edition). It is known as the old goat in KQ1.

It is possible to kill the goat with the dagger.

The goat will protect you from some of the enemies, including the sorcerer, dwarf, wolf, ogre, and of course the troll.

The goat is based on the story of Billy Goat's Gruff.[2]


  1. Narrator (KQ1): "It is a well known fact that goats hate trolls intensely. You should move aside and let the goat take care of this nasty troll.", "The goat butts the troll right off the bridge, never to be seen in these parts again."
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