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An Oracle are seers capable of seeing the future. Another oracle is seen in King's Quest III remakes based on the The Oracle. Another Oracle is a member of the Winged Ones (unofficial). She is based on the Oracle of the Winged Ones from King's Quest VI.


IA universeEdit


AGDI universeEdit

The Oracle lives in the cave in Llewdor. She calls out to him while he is sleeping, leading Alexander to look towards the cave where she lives. She waved to him, beckoning him towards her cave.

TSL universeEdit

Few ever get the chance to visit the Oracle, those who have it is a great honor. She had the Winged Ones build the Cliffs of Logic (unofficial), and made the ancient prophecy that only whosoever could solve the cliffs would save the kingdom (knowing once the prophecy was fulfilled the cliffs would no longer be needed). She also prophesied that a man would come who would fly like the Winged Ones themselves (like Icarus (unofficial) of old).

Only two humans have ever visited the Oracle, they are Alexander and Graham (both individuals tied to some of her prophecies).

Behind the scenesEdit

Actually the prophecy of the Winged Ones in KQ6 was actually a rather recent prophecy, made under a decade before KQ6 after Derek had left the islands. Not long before he left, the minotaur took over (before that, the Winged Ones controlled the catacombs).

Additionally, the Cliffs of Logic were actually built by the Ancient Ones, and predate the winged ones. It is said in the Guidebook that Winged Ones were strongly protective of the cliffs and any artifacts related to the Ancient Ones (therefore in official history wouldn't have destroyed the cliffs). The cliffs purpose is a bit different according to the Guidebook as well. It was created to prevent invaders from making it up to their kingdom, and only allow those they trusted access. As a Winged One (a race who evolved centuries after the fall of the Ancients) the Oracle, would have been born centuries after the fall of the Ancients, and would have no connection to them.

TSL also suggests that perhaps that the Oracle may not have been the one who made the prophecy, and it seems to have predated her (however in KQ6 it is said to be her prophecy). Although it may imply that she existed at the time of the Ancients (which doesn't fit with the explanation given in KQ6/Guidebook of the Winged Ones race evolving long after the ancients).

It is claimed in TSL, that Alexander was the only human to have ever visited the Oracle. However, in the official lore Caliphim and Allaria have consulted her in the past[1][2].


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