The information from this article is from the fan game Owl's Quest: Every Owl has it's Day or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.


Owl's Quest: Every Owl has it's Day is a game by Jstudios set just after the events of King's Quest: Mask of Eternity. In the game Cedric discovers an invitation on his tree. The player helps Cedric find his way from Serenia to the Land of the Green Isles to attend Alexander's and Rosella's Birthday Party. To do this he must break a curse put on him by Crispin, which prevents him from being able to fly.

The game has full speech for the various characters. Characters Cedric encounters during his adventure include Repunzel, a scorpion (unofficial), Crispin (unofficial), and a mysterious cloaked figure, Shadrack (unofficial).

Behind the scenesEdit

The reference to Alexander and Rosella's birthday party, and the mysterious cloaked figure are likely references to concepts from The Silver Lining.

The game begins in an area in southern Serenia not visited in KQ5 (where Cedric's house is located).

The game has many examples of poor spelling. For example, "it's" should be "its". Rosella is spelled Rossela. Clicked is spelled clikced. Rapunzel is spelled Repunzel. Poisonous is spelled POOOoooisonous... It is unknown if this is intentional; to make fun of Cedric's unique conversational style or simply grammatical deficiencies of the author.

The game is particularly short, and only has no more than ten puzzles to solve (8 points total).

There are three ways to die.

Note, that links to download the game may no longer work.

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