The Palace Nest (aka Palace of the Winged Ones and City Palace[1]). It is the royal palace for Winged Ones's race. It lies on the tallest pillar in the City of the Winged Ones, and is the grandest nest in the city. It is the home of Lord Azure and Lady Aeriel, and there daughter Lady Celeste.

The palace of the Winged Ones' city has a sparsness, a sense of functionality that denotes the Winged Ones contempt for artistic ornamentation.

Behind the scenesEdit

The palace is referred to as the Palace Nest in game, and Palace of the Winged Ones in the KQ6 hintbook.

Palace of the Winged Ones (unofficial)Edit

The palace appears in The Silver Lining, see Palace of the Winged Ones (unofficial).

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