Papa Bear is the father of the Three Bears family. He is the husband of Mama Bear and father of Baby Bear.


Papa Bear enjoys hot porridge. Both his chair and his bed are hard. He tosses out intruders on their butts. He would lead walks in the Llewdor countryside with his wife and child.

When home it was Papa Bear that usually answered the door, when visitors knocked. He wasn't very inviting however, and threatened if they didn't go away. Both Goldilocks and Alexander tried out his porridge, finding it too hot. Both tried to sleep in his bed finding it too hard. Papa Bear never had the chance to toss Goldilocks out of his house, she was scared and jumped out of a window, breaking her neck. Alexander on the other hand was kicked out (when he slept in Baby Bear's bed), and except for a few bruises and a concussed head, he was fine.

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