Blackstone (first name unknown) was Amaya Blackstone s father (and a possible brother).


It's unclear if Amaya has much respect for him, and he had no respect for her mother. She only mentions some advice that was given to her from. Papa always told her If the wife leaves, it won't matter, cause, you know... you didn't care about them." This seems to indicate that either she left him, or he left Amaya's mother.

Her Papa also told her to "Marry an ugly person. If they leave you it won't matter, cause, you know... ugly." Which could mean he is ugly or Amaya's mother was ugly.

The last bit of dating advice he gave her was, "Go with your gut! It's bigger than your heart anyway.

It doesn't seem that Amaya ever dated anyone herself however (other than Whisper), and has problems with emotions.

Behind the scenesEdit

In a cut line Graham talks about Amaya's brother, but this character is not brought up in the final game.

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