Pearls are a treasure hunted for in the World of Daventry.


Graham once had a gold band inlaid with pearls had been a gift from Valanice (this was possibly his wedding band). He was forced to trade with a beastly Ferryman to cross a river in the remote lands east of Daventry for passage, and to get the answer to a single question.

A crown fashioned of shells and pearls adorns Neptune's head.

There was a mermaid named Pearl who was friends with the Ancient Mariner.

The Oyster from the Isle of Wonder had a large pearl stuck in its mouth that was making it difficult to sleep.

In the Ancient Ones alphabet, the symbol for Y represents pearls, and the symbol for C represents pearl-grey color.

The treasure chest Alexander-Gwydion found near Daventry, was a small wooden chest filled with gems and pearls, and gold and silver.[1]

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