Peasant's Quest is a King's Quest parody game created by The Brothers Chaps, a spinoff of the Homestar Runner universe. A flash game with AGI-style graphics, the object of the game is to seek revenge on the infamous dragon Trogdor after your thatched roof cottage has been burninated (burned to the ground).

The protagonist of the game is Rather Dashing, a peasant wearing short pants who resembles KQ3-era Gwydion, who can even possess a similar magic map. Other King's Quest references include lookalikes of the well and ogre (parodied as the Kerrek) from KQ1 and the inn from KQ2.

King's Quest Series ReferencesEdit

  • The game itself is a parody of the Sierra On-Line games King's Quest and The Black Cauldron.
  • The inn is similar to the general store in King's Quest II and the fisherman's cottage in King's Quest IV.
  • The three tasks you must complete are a reference to the three items you must acquire in King's Quest I.
  • The Kerrek is based on the Ogre in King's Quest I.
  • The name of the land, "Peasantry", is a reference to "Daventry", the kingdom from King's Quest.
  • Trogdor being in this game references the dragon who guards the mirror in King's Quest I.
  • The well is based on the well in King's Quest I that leads to the dragon's lair.
  • The hole in Naked Ned's cottage references the hole in King's Quest I leading to the leprechaun kingdom.
  • The path the knight is guarding resembles the route to Lolotte's castle in King's Quest IV.

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