The People of Daventry are the citizens of Daventry.

Background Edit

Most of their lives they pay the taxes that support the king and his household.[1] Most of the population live within the town of Daventry.

The name Daventry may suggest that the founders of the kingdom were originally from England (even the The Ogre nearly called Rosella an Englishman), possibly from the English Daintry (Daventry) which was founded by the Danes. The modern location of Daventry on Earth is not clearly known however.

The people of Daventry speak in two known accents, one is a high brow and formal antiquated English (Ye Olde) accent (similar to that of William Shakespeare, but others speak in more contemporary American style accents. Graham, and Rosella has been known to utilize both accents. Sometimes individuals of Daventry use a mix of both styles, using antiquated or Shakespearian English words along with more contemporary American words (examples such as Mum, Gadzooks, Zounds, etc).

Behind the scenesEdit

A cut line in King's Quest Chapter II: Rubble Without A Cause states that the language in Daventry is English. This would also suggest a connection to England in the new universe.


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