Philosophy is a subject often tied to science (and often opposed to magic).


However it also appears it can be neutral and maybe tied with general ideas of 'belief' and 'unbelief'. Oracles maybe philosophers.

As humanfolk began to place more and more faith in their numbers and philosophies and technologies than they did in magic and nature, the world went out of balance.[1]

The Magicians' Academy teaches philosophy to round out its courses.

Socrates was known for his philosophies, and those are collected in the The Philosophies of Socrates. Manannan studied such works in his library.

Behind the scenesEdit

In King's Quest lore philosophy appears to exist largely to the side of science, a field that makes many in Daventry nervous. As such it tends to lean towards agnostic or atheistic world views. However as indicated some of the philosophies are studied by magicians, wizards and oracles, etc. As not all philosophies are opposed to magic.


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