Pillare is one of the three members of the Daventry Bridge Troll Guild.


Personality and traitsEdit

While Pillare is not a villain per se, but can become Graham's "enemy" if he doesn't 'side with her'. She doesn't much like humans and only tolerates Graham because she believes he is a troll from Llewdor. She had the most dark and evil ideas for how the knights and other humans should be treated in Daventry[1], in contrast to Olfie's kindness, and Waddles's indifference.

Behind the scenesEdit


  1. "I think we should feast on their legs and force them to crawl over our backs. No, our jacket needs to be exciting! We should go with something epic, something that will burn into their minds. We should go with trolls eating humans, with the slogan: 'Feed the trolls.'"

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