Pinocchio is the main character of the The Adventures of Pinocchio. Though he doesn't appear or is mentioned directly in any King's Quest source (short of developer interviews/articles), several ideas from the story appear in the series.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Marionette and Toymaker and his son Gepeppo and Gepeppito. and the Marionette that Graham trades for the snowsled are allusions to the Italian Toymaker Geppetto, from Florence. While there is nothing to directly give their cultural heritage in KQ5 floppy, they are made to be more dutch/german in the CD rom version (and given Italian names in the Companion).

One of the death scenes at the Cliffs of Logic states: Don't just wander, Alexander! Let your conscience be your Guide. This is a reference to a quote from Jimminy Cricket a character from the Disney's Pinnochio.

In KQ4 is a whale that swallows Rosella, while this is certainly a reference to Jonah and the Whale according to The Official Book of King's Quest series, it may also be a reference to Monstro the well from Pinnochio. A whale with a pentiant for swallowing ships and rowboats (as seen in the game).

The character who evolved into Connor was originally going to be a stone statue of a knight that came to life, and would later become a real human much like Pinocchio.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Pinocchio is mentioned in the fan games, see Pinocchio (unofficial).


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