Pocket or pockets is the place Graham is said to keep his things in King's Quest I. It is not specific to where his pockets are located, but assumed to be in his trousers, or in the large pocket/pockets of a travel pack. In some other sources Graham is said to keep things in a travel pack (satchel) such as in King's Quest V (icon)

Rosella is said to have kept things in pockets as well (with items such as a dead fish).[1]

Alexander-Gwydion was given the order "Keep your hands clean and your pockets empty!" by Manannan.


  • According to the KQ1 SMS manual; There is no limit to the amount Sir Graham can carry (he has deep pockets).
  • In Quest for the Crown: From the Chronicles of Daventry, Part I & Romancing the Throne: From the Chronicles of Daventry, Part II, it mentions a travel pack/pack that Graham carries things in.
  • This is connected to the 'pick up'/hand actions and 'inventory' in the games.
  • Graham put beans/key in his pocket.
  • Graham put the magic ring in his pocket.
  • Graham couldn't put any more pebbles in his pockets.
  • Graham put the magic shield in his pocket.
  • In 1984 versions of King's Quest Classic there are even more lines mentioning items Graham put in his pocket (including the bucket).
  • The KQ1 SCI remake adds a mention that the 'sling' is in Graham's pocket, and that the Dwarf is only interested what is found in Graham's pockets.
  • Graham kept the moldy cheese in his pocket.[2]
  • Two lines in KQ5 mention graham 'pocketing' items (honeycomb in piece of cloth, and then the leftover beeswax (on the latter, the cd-rom version is more specific stating he put the beeswax back in his 'pocket'[3])).
  • In KQ5 novel in the Companion, while mainly talks about his leather travel bag, it also mentions him wishing he had coins to put into his pocket.
  • See Superman.
  • In King's Quest: Kingdom of Sorrow, Graham had a cloak which had an inner pocket (where he kept a tinderbox) (he also carried things in some saddlebags on his horse early in the his journey).
  • Graham had another pocket in his tunic, it had a button and could be closed. He kept his second tinderbox which he traded for from the gnomes Wigglebright and his wife inside of it. Later he put the slizard in the pocket.[4]
  • In the new King's Quest: Adventures of Graham, Graham wears a cloak that has pockets to hold stuff (it was made by his mother). This lead to him earning the nickname "Pockets". In chapter 5 as he has lost the cape the game refers to his "seemingly endless pocket" and his "magically never filled pockets". In addition in Chapter 4 Rosella refers to her 100 Pocket Pants. In the 8-bit memory vision one of the descriptions describes Graham's "endless pocket", and several other references to his 'pocket' or 'pockets' is made.


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