Policies are laws of the realms.


It is a monarch's right to make policy.[1] Policies are made by monarchs in many of the lands kingdoms. It is their right and their privilege and it is the loyal subjects duty to follow them. Non citizens are not necessarily bound by policies and are free to state if there is a policy they may not agree with.

Daventry PoliciesEdit

Policies, rules and law are enforced from the Judgment Seat.

  • In Daventry it is policy that any attempt of assassination of the king means immediate execution (to be torched at dawn).
  • Graham contends that it is good policy never to let an evil witch's home go unsearched.
  • Another one of Graham's policies, by the advice of Gerwain was to sacrifice a maiden each year to appease the Three-headed Dragon.
  • It is the duty of the Prime Minister and Seneschel of the kingdom to advise the king, and carry out policies, rules and law.
  • It is policy, rule or law in Daventry that the kingdom can be ruled by any heirs male or female.[2][3][4][5] [6]
  • If there is no living blood heir, the king has the right to choose who will be his replacement and heir.
  • Policies for breaking crimes usually means imprisonment in Castle's dungeons, or banishment/exile from the kingdom. Worst case offenders may be imprisoned for life.
  • There is rule prohibiting goats (except seeing-eye goats) from entering the castle.

Sovereignty of SereniaEdit

Serenia is generally a less violent land than most, an island of peace in a less tranquil world. This reflects both its name and its ruler' policies of harmony amongst all beings. While some of the more cynical persuasion quip that the first law of the land is "You will be happy--or you will regret it", the truth of the matter is that the people of Serenia believe peace to be the natural order of things and, in believing it to be true, ensure that it is. It is an innocent, though effective, magic which should be practiced more.

Kenneth the Huge and his Queen have legislated peace, love, and harmony between all. The penalties for breaching those laws are severe

Icebella's realmEdit

Icebella values her isolation and privacy and enforced a policy of capital punishment for all who enter her realm without invitation.


  • Manannna ruled Llewdor with little mercy. The penalty for transgressions against him was usually death.


The existence of 'banishment' or 'exile' appears to exist in Daventry, Green Isles and the Realm of Eldritch and Etheria.

Graham's grandfather banished the Dragon of Herenna.

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