Fairy tales and mythEdit

Almost any fairy tale reference could be considered pop culture reference. But if they were all discussed it would take up most of this topic.


As discussed in Cartoon topic, many of the deaths in early King's Quest are inspired by cartoon deaths as you would find in Looney Tunes, Rocky and Bulllwinkle, Silly Symphonies, and Merry Melodies.

King's Quest HintbooksEdit

  • There are a number, but the one that appears in all of them is the Superman reference.

King's Quest IEdit

  • The Witch's theme is taken from the Hollywood Classic: Wizard of Oz (KQ1AGI only).
  • Graham plays Pop Goes the Weasil when you randomly play the Fiddle.
  • The Swallowtail Jig (a famous and popular Irish JIg) is played as the basic Fiddle music on the Apple II version.
  • President Bush and Vice President Quail (KQ1SCI)
  • Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School (KQ1 SCI)
  • Weatherman in Daventry, one of the narrations talks about the temperature, and describes it in a way that a TV Weatherman would describe (KQ1 SCI).
  • Greensleeves (added into 1987 versions)

King's Quest IIEdit

  • Batman and Batmobile, and the Batman 1960's music theme.
  • While Dracula is technically a character from literature. The version that appears in the game has more influence from Universal Studio's Bela Lugosi's version of Dracula than the original story.
  • Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (No classic Universal horror or TV show is complete without this music theme). Again pop culture association with Dracula from Bela Lugosi's Universal film.
  • The 'big bad wolf' might have more in common with film were-wolves.
  • Michael Jackson's Thriller is used as the theme song for the ghosts.
  • There is a reference to Mr. Ed the talking horse.
  • Greensleeves
  • The Death Music is a mix of Chopin's Death March mixed with Pop Goes the Weasel (Three Stooges style)
  • Plugs and advertisements for other Sierra games.
  • Wilhelm scream (Dracula's death in the Apple II version)
  • The classic Wedding March at the end of the game.

King's Quest 3Edit

  • There is a reference to Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame.
  • There is a reference to Russian judges during the Olympics.
  • The Smurfs theme plays for the theme of Papa
  • One of Manannan's punishments involves Gwydion forced to do aerobics to 1980's style pop disco/pop rock/workout music.
  • Teddy Bear's Picnic as the Three Bear's theme.
  • More plugs for Sierra games.
  • The pirate sailing tune is the Sailor's Hornpipe, probably the most popular themes for portraying Pirates in movies and plays.
  • The Jaws theme is played when the shark appears.

King's Quest 4Edit

  • The Creature from the Black Lagoon can be seen in the Swamp.
  • Severall references to Leisure Suit Larry, see Leisure Suit Larry series
  • The Mummy is more of a Universal Film reference than any fairy tale or literary connection (this is made more explicit in the Companion).
  • A number of Wizard of Oz movie references.
  • The minstrel plays an offkey version of Joplin's the Entertainer.
  • Minstrell also plays an offkey version of Old Folks at Home/Suwanee River by Daly. It is a reference to The Honeymooner's episode "The 99,000 Dollar Answer". Ralph's pal Norton plays that as a warmup every time.
  • He also plays a offnote version of Greensleeves.
  • More plugs for other Sierra games.
  • Hen's theme is the Chicken Reel (what most Sierra fans think of as the "Astro Chicken theme").
  • Drunken Sailor is played on the pirate copy protection screen (KQ4AGI)
  • The Jaws theme plays when shark is on screen.

King's Quest 5Edit

  • The Desert Temple is based off the Al Khazneh (the treasury) in Petra. The same temple seen in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This has inspired some Indiana Jones references in some of the guides.
  • The game uses the classic pie throwing gag from tv and cartoon comedy routines as a puzzle solution to defeat the Yeti.
  • Throwing a shoe/boot at a cat is a classic gag from early days of comedy as well. Although it usually involves throwing boot/shoe at cats singing/yowling on top of a fence.
  • The narrator maybe going for a Burl Ives style narration.

King's Quest 6Edit

  • Several references to Sierra Online Culture, in particular the Talking Bear.
  • Don't just wander, Alexander! Let your conscience be your Guide. This is a reference to a quote from Jimminy Cricket a character from the Disney's Pinnochio.
  • And then there's some land I have for sale in the death bogs of Tamir.... This comes from the idiom "there's swampland in Florida I have for sale."
  • Alphabet soup
  • The voicework of a number of the characters in the game are based off of famous and dead personalities. Jollo for example is based on the voice of the comedian Ed Wynn.

King's Quest VIIEdit

  • References to Silence of the Lambs.
  • Gregor Samsa
  • Moose joke
  • Monty Python references.
  • The Imperial Margerine Crown (including the crowning tone). The music played before the crowning is musical popular theme.
  • Little Shop of Horrors references.
  • Monosodium glutamate
  • Jelly beans
  • Ooga Booga has a general Tim Burton vibe, and the Boogeyman has some similarieties to Beetlejuice (even down to some of the similar music).
  • Jack-in-the-Box plays Pop goes the Weasel.
  • The mummy in the Jack of Lantern resembles Gonzo from the muppets.
  • One of the two Ghoul kids is dressed like Charlie Brown.
  • The Extra Life obtained from the cat is a reference to bonus lives found in most action games, but also the old wives tale that cat's have nine lives.
  • Artificial Flavors
  • Lava Lamps
  • Rubber chickens
  • Andromeda Pig Nose Glasses and Googley Eyes
  • Electric Guitar
  • Cat Clock
  • Wooden Nickel
  • The voice of the spider in the woods is based on Peter Lorre.

King's Quest CompanionEdit

Official Book of King's QuestEdit

  • Adaams family

King's QuestionsEdit

  • References to Bewitched.
  • General references to Sierra On-line culture.
  • More Superman references (Clark Kent, City of Kandor)
  • More Wizard of Oz references.
  • Egglebert of Pumperdinck
  • Liberaunchy of Lost Wages
  • Bill and Hillary Clinton
  • Zola
  • Tarn-X
  • Frankie of Avalon
  • Monastery of the Blessed Willbury
  • Chocolate Chip Tollhouse (Nestle Toll House cookiess)
  • Hostess cupcakes
  • Ant King Cole (Nat King Cole)
  • Auntie Mame
  • Hope Diamond (Hopeless Diamond)
  • Frigidaire (a freezer/fridge company)
  • Crystal Cathedral
  • Temple Mogen Daventry

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