The Pouch of Diamonds was a pouch discovered by Graham inside of a stump in Daventry during events of KQ1.


The pouch of diamonds is one of the treasures that Graham found in Daventry. The diamonds in the pouch glistened beautifully in the light.[1] He found them in the stump near in the are known as the Stump and Log near one of the lakes in Daventry.

The troll guarding the gnome's islet, would have accepted this treasure to let Graham pass.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the original KQ1, the Pouch and pouch of diamonds are two separate inventory items (the pouch becomes the 'pouch of diamonds' once opened). It is described as a "pouch of diamonds" if looked at. In the remake it stays the pouch even when opened. IN KQ4, there is the Diamond Pouch.

This is called Pouch of Diamonds' with capital letters on the map in the KQ1 Hintbook. Though in game it is listed with lower case.


  1. Narrator (KQ1AGI):The diamonds, in the pouch, glisten beautifully in the light.

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