Prayer is an important aspect in the lives of many inhabitants in the world of Daventry and beyond. Many pray to God and his son, and at the Churchs found in the many kingdoms, as well as to other deities as well. Prayers offer good security and protection for many and often within the dark and most dangerous areas of the world; such as cemeteries.

In Kolyma, the tolling of bells, a rolling tintinnabulation of sound is a call to prayer from the local Monastery. For the brothers to come into the Chapel, kneel before the altar and pray to God. Brother Fragola was kneeling towards the Cross (a symbol of Christ) and praying at Monastery of the Blessed Wilbury, and Graham joined him saying a short prayer as well. This lead to Fragola trusting the young king.

Gerwain prayed in his heart that his king would prevail on his quest into Kolyma.

In ancient Aegypt, the Priestess of Isis murmured a soft prayer to her goddess, giving her the power to cast a spell of sleep so that she could escape one of Cleopatra's sordid parties.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Say yer prayers, ratsbane! (KQ8)
  • Thank god that's over, Madeline. (KQC1)

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