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Princess Yvette is an original character featured in Revenge Of The Black Cloak Society

About Princess YvetteEdit

Princess Yvette is the daughter of King Drake of Kolyma, which makes her niece of Valanice. It can be assumed that Yvette is an only child, since no other child has been mentioned at this point.

She is in many ways like her cousin, Rosella. Like Rosella before King‘s Quest 7, she had not chosen a prince to marry. She also dreamed of having adventures like her cousin. She is also a girl of exceptional beauty, and blessed with red hair. Also, like all of her family, she is gifted in magical potential.

At the beginning of the section of the story where Hagatha makes her attempt, she is abducted from her room in the castle. At the end of the section of the story, she is rescued by Princess Rosella, and Prince Edgar. After all she had gone through, she will be made part of Rosella’s bridal party.

It is possible that she will play a key part in a future part of the story.

Behind the scenesEdit

Princess Yvette’s appearance in the story is something that is common in the writer’s works. If one looks at the other writings of the author of Revenge Of The Black Cloak Society, he includes two characters, one named Richard Cale, and one named Yvette, in most stories. Usually these two are partnered in some stage of a relationship, being boyfriend-girlfriend, married, or going from dating to married. In some other stories, these two are friends. This would be one of the stories in which the two characters are not partnered, (since Cale Silver is actually Shadrack).

Given Yvette’s roles in other stories, it would be safe to assume that she will play a key part later in the series, but it is not confirmed.

Yvette can find her inspiration all the way back in 1993, with the comic book series that inspired the author of Revenge of the Black Cloak Society. The title of that comic was Generation X.

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