The Purple Pig is main pub in the town of Daventry. It is run by Hrothgar (and possibly later by Julia).


The Purple Pig, takes up one corner of the Daventry town square. It is a dark oak building whose walls were concave and worn with years. Outside hanged a sign that declared FOOD AND DRINK in red letters across the bottom and the name of the establishment in large gilt letters, at the top. There was a painting of a pig, appropriately purple, in the center.

The pub has been around since the time of King Edward. The stained bar top inside, has carved in, with messages including "David sat here", and "Up with King Edward".[1]


The castle at least goes back to the time of King Edward's reign.

Behind the scenesEdit

A tavern in the town of Daventry appears in KQ8, although it is likely a different tavern. By the time of KQ8 the pub is run by Julia. On the one hand, there is a woman who might be Julia working in the Purple Pig in the novel. Although not clear, the possibility remains that purple pig and Julia's tavern could be the same location (as long as its considered that KQ8 uses artistic license, and has a much more limited interpretation of the town of Daventry). They are both built on the Town Square in their respective sources, and both have a fountain in the center of the square. Although Daventry may have more than one town square.


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