Push (aka Pushing) is an action primarily appearing in KQ8 and KQ1 for the Sega Master system. But it also was a typeable command in some of the earlier King's Quest games. Pushing may also occur in the icon based games, but it is done through the universal "Hand" cursor, or Play Cursor.


In KQ1 and its remake, Graham can 'push' the witch into the oven/cauldron.

In KQ1 for the Sega Master System, Push is an action/verb that appears in some instances, such as when Graham is offered the chance to push the witch into the oven.

In KQ8 Connor will automatically start pushing some boxes or blocks, when the player moves into them, allowing him to push them around to solve puzzles or to create platforms to get to new areas. When he is in push action he grabs onto the box, and and can start pushing it. I first person mode it shows his hands outstretched with his palms flat against the box. .

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