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The Quartz Tower is based on the Crystal Tower from King's Quest II.

AGDI universeEdit


The Quartz Tower is a tower standing in the center of the enchanted isle in the Tower Realm. It is composed mostly of stones of quartz. Two lion statues stand in front. One speaks the truth, and the other says nothing but lies. This is made quite clear in the following statement:


At the top of the tower, the room is filled with broken furniture and junk. A single large window looks down from a balcony above.

The Silver LiningEdit


The tower appears to have grown naturally, consisting of many fused smoky quartz crystals. The inside of the tower is furnished containing a bed and a wardrobe. There are large crystals jutting out of the side of the tower. There is a large chunk of the tower missing around one edge of steps (the steps float magically). It has a dark cone-shaped roof. The stairs leading up to the top room are made out of floating planks of wood that hang precariously in mid-air.

Graham revisits the tower in Dreamworld in Valanice's dreams. It is shown that the door at the bottom of the tower is locked with a key.

the appearance of the tower does not resemble it's appearance in KQ2 in architecture or construction.[1]. In KQ It looks much different, but is said to be the same tower, an Graham recognizes it.[1] It is obvious that TSL developers took extreme liberties with the tower and its appearance, as opposed to the official continuity. The walls look to be made of solid quartz crystals, rather than blocks.

Revenge of the Black Cloak SocietyEdit

In Revenge of the Black Cloak Society, the Quartz Tower is revealed to be a key part of a spell to increase the Black Cloak Society's power in Kolyma. The more powerful the victim, the sooner dark magic would totally control Kolyma. Valanice's father, Cedric, was aware of the tower's purpose, thanks to being seduced into the Black Cloak Society by Hagatha. He was even willing to use his daughter, Valanice, as its next victim. After Graham had rescued her, the Society's plans were derailed, since the stars would not be in the right position for years.

At the time of the story, Hagatha repeated the attempt with Valanice's niece, Yvette. It was also revealed that the tower's power would be destroyed if a being of Dark Magic was placed in it at the time it must do its task. By the end of the story arc of Hagatha's attack, it is destroyed, never to be used again.


  1. Narrator (TSL):"Graham is both shocked and confused--this is unmistakably the tower where Valanice was once imprisoned, but this certainly isn't the strange land where he found his wife. ."

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