Classic SeriesEdit

The Series is divided into 8 games each entitled King' Quest, these make up the main classic quests for the series.

Note: To a lesser extent there is the "King's Questions which is a play on words with the Quest name.

The three novels are also known as King's Quests but are not necessarily numbered (the first book is said to be the 'first volume', but it takes chronologically after the third novel). The King's Quest Companion divides the 'quests' up into what it calls the Chronicles of Daventry, and contains other chapters with material that is related to those quests (covering up to King's Quest VII by the last edition).


According to KQ6 Hintbook (The Royal Family: A Celebration) Graham's 'Quests" are divided into three great adventures in his life. Not once but thrice has he journeyed far from his home on perilous and incredible quests.[1]

  • First Adventure (KQ1)

Look to the fables and fairy stories of yore for clues. Leave no stone unturned, no avenue unexplored, and you will triumph in your Quest. Along the way, collect as many treasures as you can. The kingdom of Daventry will need everything you can bring back. And you will profit from the experience. KQ2 backstory describes this as "first victorious quest". Succeed in this great quest, and you shall become King...

  • Second Adventure (KQ2)

Just one year after returning from his first victorious quest... Finally, he shouldered his provisions, and set out on his quest of love. Only you, my bold adventurer have the power to finish this tale. Accompany King Graham on his quest to find the magic keys... Above all, try every direction and map all of the different possibilities. If you miss or forget an area, you might miss an important clue or a tool necessary to the completion of your quest.

  • Third Adventure (KQ5)

Journey into the magical world of King's Quest once again on a quest for the missing castle and the royal family of Daventry.

Note: In the novels Graham goes on another quest between KQ2 and KQ5 to save the kingdom from an eternal winter. This however does not count as one of his 'great adventures' in the gaming side of the universe.


Alexander has two known great quests in the games, although these aren't necessarily specifically numbered like Graham's are.

  • The Adventure

Alexander escapes from Llewdor and saves Daventry.

  • Second Adventure

Alexander travels to the Green Isles and rescues Cassima and the kingdom. Note: While there is another adventure of Alexander in the novels, and the Companion mentions a few side trips, these are not considered part of Alexander's great adventures in the game universe summaries.

Note: There is a novel set between KQ3 and KQ6 which Alexander rescues his father and the kingdom from an evil sorcerer. This however isn't referenced in the summaries of the gaming side of the universe.


Rosella has a number of adventures. Her two main ones appear in KQ4 and KQ7. However, these are generally numbered quests/adventures.

  • Rosella's First Quest

Rosella travels on an adventure outside her castle to find her lost golden football. This short story from the InterAction magazines while listed as her First Quest, according to the title, is technically never referenced by any other sources.

  • The Adventures (implied Second Quest)

Rosella travels to Tamir to save her father and the Good Fairy Genesta.

  • (implied Third Quest)

Rosella and Valanice travel to Eldritch/Etheria, and save the kingdom.

Note: An additional adventure for Rosella is chronicled in the novels, See No Weevil, but this is not generally considered one of her major 'quests/adventures' in the gaming universe (like "First Quest" its not generally referenced at all, although chronologically speaking this would be her "Second Quest" and KQ4 would be her Third Quest), making KQ7 technically her 4th quest.


  • First Adventure

Valanice's trip to Etheria was her first real adventure, at least the first in which she was not a helpless captive, however her husband and daughter are no strangers to faraway places and heroic deeds.[2][3]

Reboot SeriesEdit

According to the New Series, the website divides Graham's life into the Five Quests he tells his grand-children (these are the quests that helped define Graham's legacy).

  • First Quest

An aging King Graham reflects on a life of adventure with his granddaughter, Gwendolyn, taking players back to his teen years and his quest to become a knight of Daventry in King Edward’s royal guard. Discover a wondrous world full of whimsical characters, charming puzzles and perilous dangers in this fun and enchanting coming of age story.

  • Second Quest

In this latest adventure, King Graham takes players back to his first test as ruler of Daventry. When a mischievous horde of goblins takes his kingdom hostage, a newly crowned & woefully unprepared Graham must rise up to free his people & prove himself the leader he was destined to become. Will Graham & his friends unearth a way to escape their rock-brained captors? Will he take for granite everything he learned as an adventurer? Does he have the stones to reclaim his mantle & lead his kingdom to safety? Will the hat make it out ok?

  • Third Quest

King Graham’s wife and Gwendolyn’s grandmother, Queen Valanice. Dedicated fans may think they know the legend of how Graham rescued his future bride from the wicked witch Hagatha’s tower but the truth behind the fairy-tale is much more complicated!

  • Fourth Quest

On a fateful night King Graham and Queen Valanice’s infant child Alexander was stolen from them. When Alexander mysteriously returns home 18 years later, however, Graham must decide how to reconnect with the boy he’s spent a lifetime searching for. And as father and son work together to solve the towering challenges of the puzzling Ice Palace, questions linger about just what happened all those years ago.

  • Fifth Quest

The story looks back on King Graham, now an old man even in flashbacks, preparing to go on one last adventure for the kingdom he loves. But as his health deteriorates, can Graham’s memories still be trusted?

Other Quests Edit

Note: These don't count as numbered quests currently (the quests that most defined Graham's character over the years). The Quest for the Mirror appears to be at least related to part or connected his First Quest story.

  • Quest for the Magic Chest

One of Graham's early quests as a knight.

  • Quest for the Magic Shield

One of Graham's early quests as a knight.

  • Quest for the Mirror

Graham's final quest as a knight, Graham is sent on a quest by the king to recover the Kingdom's stolen Magic Mirror, with the promise that the Kingdom would be his upon the king's death. He discovers it in the dragon's cave, and returns after a battle and escape with the dragon.

  • Quest for his Family

Assuming events of KQ5 occurred in this universe.

  • Quest of the Winged Ones

Graham has a magic sorcery duel with the winged ones.

  • Quests with his Daughter

Assorted quests Graham took with his daughter in the period between Alexander's kidnapping and his return.

  • Quest to Slay a Dragon

As portrayed on a tapestry in Castle Daventry (Graham appears to be in his 50s).

  • Quest of Hornswaggle.

Graham's final encounter with Hornswaggle in his senior years (the story has been left untold).

A number of other possible adventures or encounters are alluded too which may make up some of the above stories or others. Not listed above is first half of Graham's trip in Kolyma. Only the end of the story is shown, as he reaches Hagatha's tower. But references to Neptune's Kingdom (KQGS) is made. Other geography such as Infinite Desert is also mentioned (likely a reference to KQ5). However, there is no indication that he ever even visited those places only heard about them during his previous adventures, and wished he could visit them before he died.


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