Quest for daventry

Quest for Daventry


Quest for Daventry is a King's Quest V themed board in Take A Break! Pinball, one of the first pinball games for Windows.

Other boards in the game are also based on Sierra game characters like Leisure Suit Larry, Gir Draxon, Willy Beamish and Roger Wilco.

The Quest for Daventry board changes as missions are completed, including Mordack's island rising in the center of the ocean.


The legend of the King's Quest series continues in this challenging pinball game. Can you rescue the kingdom of Daventry from the black wizard, Mordack?[1]  Follow the path to Mordack's Island and save the kingdom!


Quest for Daventry Super JackpotEdit

Earn the playfield's Super Jackpot, Rescue the Kingdom of Daventry: Follow the Flight of Wisdom, Seek Crispin's Counsel, Raise Walls of Stone, Meet with Mushka, Weep Upon A Willow, Stock Up in Serenia, Ingratiate Queen Icebella and Flipper the Flipper to Mordack's Island.

Follow the Flight of WisdomEdit

Place ball in the Cedric in Tree Trap HoleCedric the Owl flies about playfield. Follow him by directing ball to item where perched. Awards 100,000 points.

Seek Crispin's CounselEdit

Place ball in Crispin Hut Trap Hole. Awards 100,000 points.

Raise Walls of StoneEdit

Hit Open and Sesame Targets to raise the Endless Desert Temple Stone Wall. Shoot ball into Endless Desert Temple Stone Wall Trap. But hurry, the wall is coming down. Scores 250,000 points.

Meet With MushkaEdit

Hit Gypsy Man Target. Place ball into Madame Mushka Wagon Trap Hole. Scores 500,000 points.

Weep Upon a WillowEdit

Place ball in Witch's Tree Hovel Trap Hole. The passage is narrow, and if you miss, well, let's not talk it. Precise shooting scores 500,000 points.

Stock Up in SereniaEdit

Hit four Town of Serenia Drop Targets. Scores 400,000 points.

Ingratiate Queen IcebellaEdit

Place ball in Queen Icebella Mountain Castle Trap Hole. Oh, no, it's that hideous, smelly creature, Yeti, he just grabbed your ball!! Yeti emerges from cave and grabs ball. Shoot a ball through Yeti Cave Opening. Scores 1,000,000 points, begins MULTI-BALL.

Flipper the Flipper to Mordack IslandEdit

Place ball in Old Man's Waterfront Hut Trap Hole. Watch as Mordack Island rises out of water, and a Mermaid splashes over to the base to form a ramp with her flippers. Shoot ball up Mermaid's flipper ramp and into Mordack Island Trap Hole. Game over. Scores Super Jackpot of 5,000,000 points. Whoopty do!

Ticker NotesEdit

QfD transcript

Other ElementsEdit

Geography and LocationsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The manual refers to the holes near witch's hovel as the Dark Forest Abyss.

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