Quest for Glory is another Sierra franchise. King's Quest got constantly referenced within Quest for Glory and there is at least one or two references within King's Quest as well.


Are the Quest for Glory world of Gloriana, and King's Quest's world of Davcentry on the same world, or share the same universe in the Multiverse (Sierraverse)?

You decide.

References to Quest for GloryEdit

References to King's QuestEdit

  • In Spielburg in QFG1 there is a reference to King Graham Cracker and a Princess Rubella.
  • The Rosella Stone (including a picture of her) near a sarcophagus (KQ4) inside Erasmus House. The Rosella Stone is an ancient Egyptian artifact with text that describes Rosella. The fragment stated "She of the Golden Hair" in ancient hieroglyphics
  • In QFG1 there is a reference to "Daventree" when looking at trees randomly.
  • In the original QFG1, if you laugh inside of Erasmus mansion the game may say; "This is a serious game, Rosella!"
  • In Shapeir in QFG2 there is a reference to Genesta in comparison to another fairy (Erana).
  • In QFG2 there is a Rosella puppet inside of the magic shop.
  • Also in the magic shop is a book entitled "To Air is Human" either a reference to KQ3, or the saying 'To Err is Human'.
  • In QFG3 another 'Daven Tree' can be seen randomly.
  • in QFG4 in Mordavia there is a reference to Cedric the Owl. The Leshy shudders.
  • The Moose head from KQ2 and KQ3, can be seen in every Quest For Glory game (although a completely different moose head appears in QFG5).

Hoyle GamesEdit

  • In Hoyle 3 Graham and Rosella can play against Baba Yaga (QFG1) and Adavis (Ad Avis) (QFG2).

Unconfirmed Edit

  • The name of the little girl in KQ5 is Katrina like the character from Quest For Glory. It is likely just a coincidence, and that KQ5 had no influence on Katrina's chosen name.
  • There maybe a link between the Witch and the Dark Forest and Baba Yaga from QFG series via the version of Baba Yaga in Hoyle 3. Baba Yaga in Hoyle 3 does look quite a bit like the KQ5 witch but with white hair, but similar facial structure, especially with the Quest for Daventry version of the witch.

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