Rainmaker is a spell of Iconomancy.


Rainmaker seems to have originated as an attempt at creating a benign agricultural spell. As is true for most spells of Iconomancy, however, the full geographical range of its effect is somewhat limited. In Alexander's experiments with it, he had been unable to use it to bring rain to an area much larger than the palace garden at Castle Daventry. As a drought fighting spell, therefore, it is of limited usefulness. In theory, Rainmaker could be cast as often as necessary to cover a much larger region. But, the toll it would take on energies of the magician would likely prove fatal long before sufficient rain might be conjured. It is also likely that the spellcaster's Wand of Magic would be consumed into nothingness by attempting to channel so much magical energy. Especially among magic users, it is always good advice to never spread oneself too thin.

On the other hand, Rainmaker is an excellent example of the magical laws of Magical laws of Opposites. There are several such laws that magicians know of, although there are likely still more to be uncovered. In general, the laws of Opposites allow a wizard to manipulate one form of energy, matter, or simile' in order to achieve its apparent opposite. An example might be the death of a sacrificial being in the attempt to create life in another. Another might be endless removal of portion upon portion of a single cake in order to feed sweet treats to multitudes; in consuming the cake, more is created.

Another form of Laws of Opposites concerns the idea that for every magical spelling, conjuration, or ensorcellement, there exists a negating incantation or enchanting; an opposite that is used to cancel, or oppose, the first.

Thus it is with Rainmaker. Because it cleanses the air, it can be used to nullify smoke spells or enchantments of psychic befuddlement and depression. It goes without saying that it opposes many of the fire magics most effectively.

Rainmaker can be used indoors, but the mage should be careful that the water has a way of escaping the closed space lest the spellcaster drown in his or her own success.[1]


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