Rats are a kind of rodent.


Rats and mice are known to destroy crops. It is the snakes that keep them in check.[1]

A Giant Rat once guarded the Land of the Leprechauns until Graham gave it some cheese.

A rat lived in the dungeons of Castle Dracula. When Graham saved the life of The Rat in King's Quest V, she helped him escape imprisonment in the Swarthy Hog Inn in return. Another rat lived in the dungeon of Mordack's castle. Rats can also be found inside of the Catacombs of the Ancient Ones.

Rats are found all over Dimension of Death, usually found inside crates.

Rats made their home inside the Sorrowing Court.[2]Very big rats infested the Sorrowing Hall.

Behind the scenesEdit

The mother rat in KQ5 is known as simply The Rat in the game's credits.

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