The information from this article is from the fan game Owl's Quest: Every Owl has it's Day or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.


Repunzel is a character in Owl's Quest: Every Owl has it's Day.


Repunzel had placed down in the deep Inverted Tower. Because the tower had been inverted she could not use her hair to people into the tower. Cedric gave her a genie's lamp allowing her to escape the tower. He asked for a reward, but was told she wouldn't reward him unless he brought her a steed. Cedric created a mock horse with a toy wagon, a blanket, and a sock for the head, and brought it to Repunzel. She gave him a snake destroyer (a rock), and then left on her new "steed"...

Behind the scenesEdit

The character is inspired by the story of Rapunzel.

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