Ring of Fire is a spell of Iconomancy.


Ring of Fire is the least potent of an entire family of fire transformation spells, the rest of which, because of their awesome magnitudes, will be omitted here. Their names, Walls of Flame, Total Holocaust, Chaos and Conflagration, and Eater of Worlds give some small idea how powerful these others are. This is not to imply that Ring of Fire is but a candle's flame compared to the solar orb. No. It is deadly and destructive, but its power is contained within a small area, the size of which is easily controlled by the spellcaster.

Because of its ability to be finely controlled, Ring of Fire is unique amongst flame spells. Firstly, it is most often used to contain its victims, surrounding them with flames so as to eliminate any possibility of escape. The wizard can then choose to capture his or her foe alive, or not, as the mood strikes them.

This leads to the spell's second unique property. It effects only living matter; when closed on its victim it only touches that unfortunate being. Thus it can be used indoors with great effect. Without this property, many an unwary spellcaster might find themselves consumed along with their foes in the fierce flames.

As awful as the effects of Ring of Fire are, one should be grateful that it only works over a small area. It is most harrowing to envision some evil or mad being able to cast a magic which would immolate all life in a town, city, castle or country, but leave all else untouched. this would imply a value choice of the individual lives on such a vast scale. How much more evil is it then to choose material and lifeless things--lands, dwellings, possessions, treasures and geegaws--over life itself. One must shudder and sweat cold at the thought, the same as the multiverse itself must.[1]


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