Robin Hood is a character Rosella met in Rosella's First Quest, and was interviewed along with Rosella and Graham by the Bookwyrm in The Bookwyrm Investigates: Sierra Characters' Favorite Books.


When Rosella was a small girl she was once outside the castle trying to find her golden football. The Bookwyrm witnessed that the ball was taken from the Bookend, but he Robin take it from him and run away.

Rosella later found Robin and mistook him for one of Daventry's foresters, and asked if he had seen her football. He corrected her, telling the little maid that he was Robin Hood. He explained he was going to give the football to the poor, but a small boy Willy Beamish and his pet frog took it from him. Rosella then left him in the woods.

At some point Robin Hood was interviewed by the Bookwyrm, according to him his favorite books were written in future times;

Steal This Book, by Abby Hoffman. Just kidding, actually my favorite book is The Crystal Cave, by Mary Stewart. It's about King Arthur. I don't know why, but a I feel a strange connection with that subject. Did I mention The Crystal Cave is the first book in a series? Hmm, Deja vu, as the Normans would say.

Robin Hood once saw carpets being sold at an archery tournament from the palace of Daventry and others from Lytton. They showed the crests from each location.[1]

Graham and Rosella both have encountered Robin's nemesis the Sheriff of Nottingham.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Robin Hood is a tall blond man in green.

Behind the scenesEdit

Robin Hood is a character from the Sierra game Conquests of the Longbow: The Adventures of Robin Hood.

Other than his appearance in Rosella's First Quest and encounter with Rosella, Robin Hood has had no other direct interaction with the Royal Family of Daventry (and only appears alongside a list of Sierra characters in The Bookwyrm Investigates). Though he did see some rugs brought in from Daventry in his game. Robin Hood unfortunately did not get any parts in other Sierra games such as the Hoyle Series, although his nemesis the Sheriff of Nottingham did in Hoyle 3.

In the design documents Robin Hood was to be one of the characters Graham would encounter in King's Quest V as a "Good Guy", however he along with the peddler were characters that didn't make it into the final game.


  1. "These fine rugs come from the King's palace in Daventry, auctioned off for but a fraction of their worth.", "Why, you can even see the crest of Daventry upon one and the shield of Lytton upon another.", "They are thick, luxurious rugs with a foreign look to them.", "The man kneels upon a thick rug woven in the Daventry style."
  2. Hoyle 3

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