A Roc is a giant, two-headed bird. Graham encounters a roc near Queen Icebella's palace in King's Quest V.


The giant, carnivorous bird that captured Graham in the high mountains between Serenia and Daventry.[1]

When Mordack kidnapped Cassima in the Green Isles, the wizard flew to his castle on the wings of a giant bird. It was likely the Roc, the same one who captured Graham--perhaps still under the influence and control of the evil sorcerer.[2]

On one of his voyages, the sailor Sinbad also encountered a roc.[3] The giant bird carried him  to the deep Valley of Diamonds, which he had to escape with the help of an eagle because the walls were too tall and steep to climb.

Behind the scenesEdit

The roc originates in Eastern and Arabic influenced stories including the Arabian Nights tales and Sinbad stories.


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