Rosella, like all the characters of Hoyle's Official Book of Games: Volume I is a very talkative character. She speaks with a more archaic manner with elements of 'old english'.

Besides having many comments to say (with a standard talking animation), she also has a wide range of emotions. From a neutral neither smiling nor frowning, to various types of smiles (from surprised success, to what looks like devious smile, to a wide smile while blinking), to utter shock, a frown, anger. His eyes contain a number of movements from looking around, or looking up (likely to acknowledge him looking at other players around the table), to a wink.

She is an Expert at Crazy Eights. She is a Novice at Hearts and Cribbage. She is an Amateur at Gin Rummy. Her skill level at Old Maid is unknown.


  • I am Princess Rosella, daughter of King Graham of Daventry. Perhaps you have heard of my adventures in the realm of Tamir? Believe me, 'tis far more enjoyable to join you for a game of cards than to face the perils of that strange land!
  • Perhaps you can visit the castle, Sir Kid, so that my family and I can learn more of these card games that you play so well!
  • I wish I were a better card player, but as I must spend so much time on quests, I do not have the time to learn new card games.
  • Have I spoken to you of my perilous quest into Tamir? 'Tis not a story for the faint-hearted! Indeed, questing is always a dangerous venture, not to be undertaken lightly.
  • Questing is a family tradition in Daventry. My father quested to gain the throne of Daventry, and rescued Mother from the evil Hagatha. And Alexander, my brother, saved me from a foul dragon!
  • Indeed, questing is the noblest adventure of all! Not for riches or fame should one quest in a faraway land, but to aid others.
  • I have always considered Daventry to be an excellent location for questing. There are always wrongs to be righted, and noble deeds to be done.
  • 'Tis interesting indeed, my friend.
  • I wish I were a better card player, but as I must spend so much so much time on quests, I do not have the time to learn new card games.
  • 'Tis beneath the stature of the Princess of the Realm to concern herself with mere gold and silver, Colonel.
  • I never concern myself with gold and silver, Colonel. 'Tis the occupation of the Castle Treasurer, not a Princess of Daventry.
  • I should tell my father about these flying ships of yours, Jerry! Perhaps this can explain that large metal object that crashed into the moat last year...
  • I have done many marvelous things, Jerry, but never have I flown in the sky. I should like to do that someday, I think.
  • Are you inferring we are only characters in a computer game, sirrah? I think you are truly mistaken.
  • Surely you cannot believe that we are only computer characters in this game, Sir Warren?
  • Must you speak so of the ladies of your acquaintance, Sir Lawrence? 'Tis most unseemly!
  • I would never speak of my dearest Edgar the way you speak of your ladies, Lawrence.
  • Grandfather was a fine knight, as his father was before him. Did you know that Great-Grandfather defeated the evil Dragon of Herenna?
  • My grandfather is an excellent knight, of one of the finest in the realm. He was so proud when my father was chosen to succeed King Edward the Benevolent!
  • I could be exploring strange lands on a new quest, instead of sitting here.
  • 'Tis most strange to me, Sir Bonds, that the knights of your land are called policemen!
  • Indeed, you do seem to be a most skilled knight your realm, Sir Bonds.
  • In truth, I am not very skilled at mathematics and philosophy.
  • I fear I have not studied much of mathematics. Rather, I have spent most of my schooling learning the history of Daventry.
  • I would that I could aid you in escaping from here, Sir Roger, but I know naught of how this may be accomplished.
  • 'Tis strange indeed, Sir Roger, that you are trapped in this game! I myself am finding this to be a delightful break from King's Quest.
  • I am finding this conversation to be most delightful, Master Bulldog.
  • Methinks you are indeed a most unusual dog, Master Bulldog.
  • I do agree with you, Sir Lenny, that schooling is important. Why, without it, how would one know how to deal with dragons and other creatures.
  • I myself have studied many long hours, learning the history of Daventry and other realms.
  • Indeed, this food you speak of sounds so delicious! Perhaps we should adjourn for lunch, Mistress Shelly.
  • In Daventry, we often have feasts at the castle. In truth, merely thinking of this is making me hungry...
  • In truth, Father, Daventry will always be my home. 'Tis a kingdom that you may visit and leave, but you shall never forget her beauty.
  • I cannot envision living anywhere other than Daventry, Father. 'Twill always be my home, no matter where my adventures may lead.
  • I think I would enjoy seeing this movies of yours, Lady Diane.
  • These movies do sound to be most interesting, m'lady Diane.
  • In Daventry, one finds exercise in running from Dragons and other creatures!
  • Climbing mountains and questing in faraway lands is my usual form of exercise.
  • I have also read many fine books, Mistress Cassie. Perhaps you should visit our castle, where you might find many excellent books in our library.
  • The library of Daventry Castle holds many fine books, from history of Daventry to best methods for defeating dragons. I myself read many of those books.
  • I would enjoy seeing your home, Mistress Christina. Perhaps I may be able to visit your mountains someday soon.
  • Mistress Christina, I do find these tales to be most intriguing.
  • I have won! Winning this game is not quite exhilarating as defeating the evil Lolotte, but still...
  • 'Tis only appropriate for a King's daughter to win, after all!
  • I am a princess of Daventry, not an Old Maid!
  • A princess of Daventry cannot be an Old Maid.
  • Hearts is a game that I truly enjoy. I am pleased that you wish to play against me.
  • 'Tis true, Hearts is my favorite game, though I do not know it very well. I hope that I shall be a challenging opponent.

Card PlayEdit

  • Shall we play a game of cards together?
  • Will you play a game of cards with me?  'Tis indeed delightful to take a break from King's Quest.
  • I will gladly play a game of Crazy Eights with you, if you wish. 
  • I shall pass this time.
  • I cannot play a card, so I shall pass.
  • Methinks I shall pass.
  • Spades!
  • I shall pick Spades.  I hope you do not object!
  • I choose Spades.
  • Clubs.
  •  Perhaps I shall pick Clubs.
  • I think Clubs are an excellent choice!
  •  Diamonds!
  • Perhaps Diamonds would be appropriate now.
  • I believe I shall choose Diamonds.
  • Hearts.
  • I do not doubt that choosing Hearts will help me win this game.
  • I shall pick Hearts.
  • I win this hand!
  • I believe I have won the hand!
  • Indeed, this hand is mine!
  • You have won this hand!
  • In truth, you have won this hand!
  • An excellent play!  You have won this hand!
  • Methinks this game is a tie.  Shall we play one more hand to break the tie?
  • I believe we must play a tiebreaker now!
  • This game is a tie.  Do you wish to play one more hand to break the tie?
  • Now you should choose a suit.
  • You may choose a new suit now, if you wish.*Now you shall choose the new suit.
  • You should choose a card first.
  • Do you not know that you must choose a card first?*Perhaps you should choose a card first.
  • Alas, but that move is not legal in this game.
  • I do not believe that is a legal move in this game.
  • You should not try a move that is illegal in this game.
  • I have won!  Winning this game is not quite as exhilarating as defeating the evil Lolotte, but still....
  • Surely you shall win the next time.
  • 'Tis only appropriate for a King's daughter to win, after all!
  • Alas, I have lost!  Would that I could have played better!
  • In truth, you have defeated me this time!
  • An excellent victory for you!  In truth, you are a fine player!

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