The Round About was a ship Derek Karlavaegen traveled on between Llewdor heading towards Serenia.


The ship left Llewdor heading east towards Serenia. About two weeks into the voyage a electrical storm appeared, lightning struck the ship, and magnetized the instruments. When they finally came out of the storm, they found the they were heading roughly southwest.

The Captain attempted to realign the ship using older methods including the sun and stars. But a cloud cover appeared, and they lost their ways further. After another week they the captain realized they missed their destination. Lost for another month, arrived at the Green Isles. As the ship got closer to land, the waters became increasingly treacherous, and the ship crashed and was destroyed. Derek survived, and washed up on shore of the Isle of the Crown. The fate of the crew was unknown.

Behind the scenesEdit

It is interesting that Serenia would be located at least two weeks east from Llewdor in Derek's account. In KQ6 it takes three months to reach Green Isles from Daventry. In KQ3 and King's Quest Companion its implied that Daventry exists only within a day or two of Port Bruce. This appears to imply a different scale for the continent in both games.

With the Round About heading southwest after the storm, creates an interesting situation, it would seem to imply that either the crew ended up turning around, and heading back towards the way they came, and maybe circling the world. Or perhaps during the storm they passed the Green Isles into the Unknown, and then ended turning back to the west, and crashing into the isles. Either way it would seem that they may have ended up crashing into the islands from the east side (or spent quite a bit of wasted time going in circles in between Llewdor, Serenia and Green Isles without knowing it). Either way, this seems to possibly discredit the rumors of an 'edge of the world'.

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