The Royal Knights is another pair of unspecified Royal Guard members who appear in King's Quest Chapter I: A Knight to Remember.

They are usually pared up, and at least one speaks, but sometimes they speak in unison.


They are usually paired in groupings of two to guard the entrance to a site, and speak in unison.

They can first be seen marching in the Parade of Hopeful Knights (likely the ones at the end of the parade) with #1 and #2 (in front).

Next they can be seen holding the perimeter at the broken bridge with #1 and #2, all four run up to pull Graham out of the river when he falls in. They stand around with #1 and #2 as they argue under the tree with the bees. After Graham drops the beehive on them they all run over to the river to get away form the bees.

They could be seen in charge of entry for the Battle of Speed waiting for Graham to bring his steed.

They are again seen involved in the argument between the Troll Guild and the Royal Guard over how to protect the back of the trolls from the guard's feet. Graham gave him a sock to fix the problem.[1]

Finally they can be see at the entrance to the Tournament Theater while they prepare it for the Duel of Wits.[2]

At least one of them is seen marching across the bridge wearing socks once Daventry's problems are fixed (three guards walk across total).

Later shortly before Graham's kidnapping they can be seen entering the Throne Room flanking Kyle and Larry, while #1-4 let them in, and stand off to the side.[3] They are probably among the 'infantry' that tried to invade the Goblin territory (if Graham ordered them to).

Behind the scenesEdit

The Royal Knight is listed in the character lines in the script (without the designations of being RG1, RG2, or Larry or Kyle) thus indicating they must be either an unspecified Knight or other unknown knights in the Royal Guard.

These could just be SG1 and SG2 speaking in unison but its unknown.

These guards do not show up in Chapter 3-4.


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