The information from this article is from the fan game The Silver Lining or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.



The smooth gold crown is well-polished and well-cared for, almost entirely free of nicks and scratches from wear over the years, and the ruby gleans in the light. gold crown is well-polished Valanice had proudly wore the crown since she first came to Daventry as has bride and queen more than twenty years ago.

Behind the scenesEdit

Actually in KQ2, and the official games, the crown Graham gave to Valanice was the Sapphire Tiara. It was more silver, diamonds, and a large sapphire. There was no rubies in the crown. The Sapphire Tiara appears in artwork up to KQ7 (though other crown designs do appear) some of these do seem to have a ruby on them, but no specific title is given to the crown.

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