Rumplestiltskin was a straw to gold spinning individual from the Fairy Tail stories. Grsham once encountered him in a section of the kingdom of Daventry (KQGS). He may be a deceased Stone Goblin.


During Graham's quest to recover the Magic Mirror  (KQGS), while searching places throughout Daventry for the location of the Mirror, Graham encountered a strange spinner, who gave him an impossible riddle, which though 'impossible' Graham narrowly discovered its answer, and was given a gift (a magic bean[1]) which allowed him to climb into the clouds via a giant beanstalk, where he discovered the chest.

Due to annoyances with the encounter, and not wanting any more reminders of impossible riddles, King Graham made a decree that all spindles in the realm should be destroyed. It was thought that all spindles had been destroyed, but one escaped the king's decree.

Later that year, Rumplestiltskin appeared to have died in a cell in the Goblin Caves, trying to spin bales of hay into gold. He was lost and forgotten, and ultimately starved to death at the top of the pile of bales, with the last spindle.

After Graham found himself captured by the Goblin's himself, he discovered the secret cell through the food pipes in his own cell, and found the skeleton of poor Rumolestiltskin sitting in a chair near the spindle. He thought to himself in surprise that one of the spindles escaped his decree.

Nicknames Edit

  • Rumple

Behind the scenesEdit

Rumplestiltskin can be found in King's Quest Chapter II: Rubble Without a Cause. He is dead (only his skeletal remains and his pointy gnome hat remains), where he had been  locked away in his own cell on top of a bunch of hay bails. Of course in the original timeline Rumplestiltskin should be alive a few decades later at the time of KQ3, and later in KQ5. It is also mentioned that Graham had the kingdom's spindles destroyed, so that he would have no more reminders of 'impossible riddles'

Of course if 'time travel' is involved as stated in the King's Quest Companion, the order when Graham meets him is irrelevent. Still this maybe another indication of the reimagined alternate universe. In this universe perhaps Alexander never encountered Rumplestiltskin, and Graham never encounted him during the events of KQ5.

The reference to destroying all the spindles in the realm is a nod to the spindles being destroyed in the story of Sleeping Beauty.

The name of the skeleton in the files is SkeletonRumple (suggesting it is Rumplestiltkin), and the hat is listed as GbnPrinces (Goblin Princess hat). This may suggest that Rumolestiltskin was actually one of the Goblins in disguise trying to reenact the story for a Fairy Tale.. The game never once mentions "gnomes".

In Chapter 4 the events of KQ3 are changed drastically and there is no Rumplestiltskin at all, the kingdom is at peace. Alexander was able to enter the castle without any help.

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