The Sage Gnome is a gnomic terramancer in the Underground Realm of the Gnomes who builds strange devices.


Connor met him in the Underground Realm of the Gnomes and he asked the gnome if he knew of a way out onto the surface of the land. The terramancer found that his machine could be used to confuse Connor's magic map into thinking he was in Barren Region using his machine that could change the earth's magnetic pole for a nanosecond. However, the machine needed a Lodestone to work as the terramancer recently used up his other. While he thought it to be highly improbable for Connor to find one, he did find one in the Chamber of Enlightenment that powered a prerecorded holographic message from the prophet Hector. The gnome put the lodestone in his machine and used it when Connor reached the magical teleporter in the land.

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