Captain Saladin is the captain of the Guard Dogs at the Castle of the Crown.


He is a loyal servant of the King of the Land of the Green Isles, with a will of iron, though he spoke gently enough. He was a superb swordsman as he was able to hold off Shamir Shamazel, Alhazred's genie, for a while before the creature was called to aid his master. He was asked to perform the ceremony for Prince Alexander and Princess Cassima's wedding, to which he gladly obliged. Unlike most of the Guard Dogs, Saladin bore the stately bearing of a collie.

Behind the scenesEdit

Saladin (original: Salah al-Din or Salah ad-Din) was one of the most famous Muslim leaders in history, who lived during the Third Crusade.

A statue of Saladin is located inside the Castle of the Crown.

His voice, provided by Tony Jay (also known for voicing Frollo in the Disney film The Hunchback of Notre Dame as well as Megabyte from Reboot), is gentle but reflects a will of iron.